A Light In The Harbour

Well, someday. I’ve been working on and off on a Builders in Scale lighthouse kit for the harbour in Chappellton. It will be called MacLellan’s Point Lighthouse.


This picture was taken on December 30. The paper shell is attached, but that’s about it. The pewter bits were just set in place for the picture. The shingles, windows in the main structure and light housing, and the entry still need to be added.

Here’s a picture as the building looks now…


I must appologize for the picture quality. I took it last evening when I realized I hadn’t taken pictures to post in a while. It was after our operating session (late) so I didn’t take much time to set things up. I’ll have better ones later.

The Builders in Scale shingles were quite easy to work with. Unlike the Campbell shingles they are on a self adhesive sheet, like labels, and can be easily stained and weathered before being applied to the structure. This makes for a much more random look to the shingles.

The most frustrating part of construction was the windows around the light housing. The pattern to cut and scribe the “glass” is just a hair too big. Also, the “glass” provided in the kit was very brittle and broke along the score lines. Fortunately I have some other window material that worked well. You can see some of the rejects in the box in the lower right.

There are still a few more details to add and I have to construct the walkway leading to the entrance. Then I’ll have to figure out where the lighthouse should be to guide ships safely into the harbour. Then there’s the harbour to complete, and the scenery around the lighthouse, and the water, waves, ships…..


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  1. Doug Whitman says:


    Are you going to install a working light, so people can find the treat barge?


    I considered it. I probably will, but not right away.


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