A Tug in the Harbour

tug-6.jpgChappellton Harbour got a new addition over the weekend – a 45′ Tug from Frenchman River Model Works.

You can read about assembling this kit at the Scratchbuilder’s Guild.

I needed a tug for the car float in Chappellton and this kit looked like a great choice. However, after I placed it in position it looks very small next to what I was going to use as a starting point for the car float. So, I either need a larger tug, or a smaller car float.

It might not be so bad after I pour the epoxy to simulate water. I will leave the float where it is and remove the tug. I’ll pour the water to about 1/4″ thickness. Hopefully the tug will appear larger next to the float when I put it back in place.

What do you think?



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  1. Doug says:


    You may want to check out May’s issue of Railfan. They will be talking about tugs in New York used by the railroads.


    I’ve received quite a few comments through the Waterfront Modeling Yahoo Group about this. This tug is about 1/2 the size of most railroad tugs. Plus, the wheelhouse was usually quite a bit taller so the crew could see out over the freight cars.

    So, this tug will be tied up at the wharf somewhere. Or maybe I’ll make a smaller barge loaded with something and tie this tug to it.


  2. Forrest Scott Wood says:

    Hey there;

    How about a smaller barge loaded with sand or gravel (for RR use as ballast?)

    We live in Missouri River at Boonville MO and north end of Hwy40 bridge is small sand place that when river allows uses small towboats and barges.

    Maybe for your tug a barge about 86 to 120 feet long and 30 feet wide?

    Could carve some Styrofoam into shallow mound, coat with sand color latex paint then when dry brush on matte medium and sprinkle fine craft sand into wet medium for load.

    Thank you for your comment Forrest!

    Someone on the Waterfront Yahoo list provided me with some research on some CP barge service in western Canada. He said that they used 45′ barges in a couple locations.

    If I find a lrger barge at a decent price I’ll likely pick it up for the car float and make a smaller barge for my tug like you suggested.

    Thanks again!


  3. Ron Pare says:

    Looking great Scott,

    I think that it is those pieces that don’t have anything to do with railroading that makes a scene complete. This is just one of those opportunities I think.


    Thanks Ron!

    Yup, every extra detail you add makes a scene more complete and realistic. This tug will find a home somewhere – either on the car float or something else in the harbour. It makes a great addition!

    Thanks again!


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