Here is my first post as a way of introduction…

The Bayside & Tidewater replaces the old Summer Valley Railway due to a land acquisition negotiation after my daughter moved to attend university. Construction began on the first weekend in February, 2006.

The destruction of the Summer Valley Railway took only one day. Then there were walls to relocate, new walls to build, modifications to the stairway, gyproc to put up, seam filling, and painting before any benchwork was built.

The benchwork from the Summer Valley Railway was reused for the BS&T, but there was about 44 more feet to build. The new benchwork was started during the first week of March, 2006.

The plan for the layout has changed a bit in the years following initial construction.  There were things I didn’t like about the way it operated that I wanted to change.  Some areas, like Chappellton, took about 5 attempts to get a track arrangement that I liked.   (track plan updated April 2008)

The first operating session was held at the end of March, 2006 – only two months after the old layout was torn down. Yes, there were a lot of growing pains, track rearrangement, refinements, and no scenery, but at least we were operating.

This blog chronicles the development of the BS&T as well as provide some information of interest to other model railroader. Hopefully I’ll be able to pass on a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. I find I’m always learning from other model railroaders, even new people to the hobby have some great ideas, and this is my way of sharing.

There, you’re all caught up! Well, not really – there are a lot more posts to read, so you better start browsing!