An interesting thing!

Reviewing the comments from the Black River Road post with this photo in mind, I see that someone didn’t take his own advice. This photo shows what can happen when a load is just a little too tall. I won’t say who is responsible, but he’s pretty tall as well. Ha!

Fortunately for him he is not responsible for replacing the equipment or repairs to Chappellton Station.  It’s a good thing the roof supports were strong enough that the street above didn’t cave in!

Thanks for the photo, Greg!


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  1. doug says:

    Did not the freight agent check the height of the load in the yard knowing where it was going and provide special orders to the crew? And yes the train crew should have been checking as they were backing into the site.

    PS nice to see a posting :-)

    • sajay says:

      No the freight agent was pretty lax doing his job. But then he was doing a lot of other jobs at the same time. I’ll make sue it doesn’t happen again! Make that TRY!

  2. wayne says:

    Geez – I bet the people walking above got a shock when they felt a rumble and a steam winch smoke stack came crashing up through the sidewalk

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