Degraded Passenger Service on the BS&T

Derwin’s Drop – Over the last few years passenger service on the Bayside and Tidewater Railway has slowly been degrading.  Since the regular (actually “occasional”) passenger trains were annulled in 2010 for the less expensive combination cars (passenger and caboose/conductor’s office).  At that time BS&T management said the change was due to decreasing demand for travel by train.  “Using the combination cars will reduce cost for the railroad and still provide timely service for our regular riders”, said Albert Moneygrabber (head of railroad management for the BS&T).  Since the changeover many regulars on the combination cars have reported a steady decline in service.

“The first train in the morning usually leaves on time”, says Penny Perriwinkle of Stevenville, “But I never know when I’m going to get to work, or when I’m going to get home”.  Penny works as a secretary in the office at Chappell Seafood in Chappellton.  Her boss, Mr George Pennypincher, complains, “I have lots of employees that travel from nearby towns that have no car (note – because he doesn’t pay them enough).  The way that cheap old bugger runs that railroad I can’t depend on any one of them!  I’m going to have to let them all go and only hire locals.”  (note – good luck with that Georgey!)

As bad as service has been over the past year it reached an all time low yesterday.  Rather than hold up the CN Interchange train the BS&T dispatcher ordered the Wayfreight to take the siding in Derwin’s Drop putting the lives of all the passengers on board at great risk when the combination car ended up parked at Chemical Hazards.

“The stench was horrible!”, said Penny when we caught up with her at the hospital in Chappellton where all of the passengers were taken after the incident.  “We were all feeling quite ill, and started getting a rash before we got to Kenville.  By the time we got to Chappelton my nose had fallen off.  I put it in my purse so the doctor could sew it back on.  I hope he put it on straight.”

In all, 14 passengers were taken to Chappellton Memorial Hospital and treated for exposure to several dangerous chemicals and radiation.  All are in stable condition and are expected to require several weeks of treatment before they are completely recovered.

The transportation authority is investigating the incident and say they expect to be able to wrap it up quickly.  Spokesperson Ima Fairman said, “It’s pretty obvious where the blame lies in this case.  The Engineer of the train will be dealt with swiftly.  He won’t be driving anything bigger than a motor scooter by the time we’re done with him!”

(see page 3 for “Accusations of Corruption in the Transportation Authority”)

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  1. Al says:

    SURE!!!!! Always blame the engineer and not the guy who tells him what to!!! Always the way Crap flows down hill.
    Never the Conductor and heaven forbid the Dispatcher…They probably were planning this together. LOL

    Remember, it’s “Do as I say, not do as I do!”
    This is the way it has been since the dawn of time. Crap flows downhill. When the shit hits the fan the boss is always in the other room.

    Sorry Bud, that’s life.


  2. Great story Scott…..

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