I just added a new post over at The Scratchbuilder’s Guild about making quick and easy fences. You can check it out by clicking the image…



(March 13, 2008: Here’s what the area looks like after the scenery is almost complete. Click an image for a larger version.)



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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for this! I wonder if they make nails small enough for n scale…

    P.S. I hardly ever roll up a winner….

    I wonder how close 22 Ga. pins would come to an N-scale fence. Check out this link…

    22 Ga. Pins

    They might even look good in HO-scale. They don’t have the head like a brad nail has so they would certainly look different. I’m not sure if they have a serrated edges like nails do. I’ll have to go looking for some at lunch time. My nailer won’t shoot them, but they’d be great for the layout!

    So far this RRRRRRolll Up season (a little over a week) I’ve won 3 coffee’s and a donut! Yippeee!!!


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