Golden Spike Bar & Grill

signs-1-bigAfter a long break this project is back off the shelf.  I spent some time the other evening putting some signs on the sides of the building.  Visit Scratchbuilder’s Guild to see the process I used to make and apply the signs.

The next step will be to install the “glass” and figure out some way to make a decent looking interior without actually modeling an interior.  I think that computer graphics software will play a key role once again.

This building will be a nice addition to the city scene I imagine being in Chappellton.  Only about 2-1/2 months before it has to be ready for the MFMR Convention open house I’m hosting.  There’s a lot of work to do!

Must get back to work…


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  1. Ron Pare says:

    I am very impressed looks great.

    The spike is priceless, it really is a toss up. Mount it on a model or on your neck.

    Thanks Ron! I worked on the interior this afternoon. I think it looks pretty good. I’ll have something to post later in the week.



  2. Ed C says:

    Nice work Scott, the sign turned out great.



    Thanks Ed! I finished the “interior” yesterday. Hopefully it will pass muster. Pics coming soon.


  3. Doug says:


    Speaking of pics … still waiting on Clayton’s.


    PS the building looks great.

    Yeah Yeah – old news. Be patient. The editorial process is a long one at the BS&T Gazette! HA!


  4. don says:

    very creative with the spike thingy! when i model i am only thinking of walls, doors and windows. your idea (including the bar name) is giving me ideas.

    Thanks Don! Since you are a model railroader I’m sure you look at everything with two sets of eyes – one set of regular scale and 1 set of model railroad scale eyes. Every time I see something I’m always wondering if it’s something I can use on my layout – for anything! So, when I saw the spike on the lapel pin I knew I could use it for something.

    It was the same for a bait and tackle shop I have in Chappellton that has a big fish on the roof. I spied the fish in the doll house section of a craft store and immediately knew what I could use it for. Banjo Bob’s (Stevenville) is another spot that I’ve used some doll house stuff. The sign post has a large Coke cup in top (one of these days it might actually spin slowly).

    We find inspiration in some very strange places. HA!

    Thanks again!


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