Inspirations #3 – The Franklin & South Manchester

This layout never ceases to amaze me. The level of detail that George Sellios puts into the F&SM is incredible. You can look at a photograph of an F&SM scene several times and always find something new. His scenes are actually alive with activity.

I was surprised to read in a recent (perhaps a year or so ago – recent is relative to memory) Model Railroader that Mr Sellios is reducing the level of detail on the layout. I can only hope to achieve a portion of what has been done with the F&SM.

I have provided a few links, one to George Sellios’ Fine Scale Miniatures site and other sites with photos and video of the Franklin & South Manchester.

Fine Scale Miniatures

TrevinoCircle F&SM Photos

F&SM Photos on

Mark Fielder’s PhotoBook



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  1. willayerst says:

    Unfortunately I must disagree on this count – I personally think that while Selios is obviously very talented, the extreme level of detail makes it _less_ realistic! It’s a bit like the uncanny valley…

    That’s valid. In this case it would be a matter of personal opinion. Thankfully we live in a world where it is ok for people to disagree on some things.

    Of course we could have a Monty Python moment – Yes it is, No it isn’t, YES, itt isss…. HA! The Argument Sketch


  2. What a hoot – I haven’t seen that Monty Python sketch in years. Thanks Scott

    Right then. Bought a parrot lately? Was it dead? ;-)


  3. Joe Daddy says:

    Oh thanks Scott for these links to one of MY favorite layouts and the number one layout on my personal list that I’d like to see in person.

    By the way, the Fielder links to a site that seems to be broken.



    It’s one of my favorites as well. Actually, it’s a tossup between it and The Wiscassest, Trevino & Western, but since that one is no longer in existence…

    Odd, that link worked for me just now.


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