Inspirations #6 – 2 Guyz and Sum Trains

While not exactly a “traditional” model railroad web site, packs a lot of model railroad information in one loaded web site!

My favorite part of the site is the extensive list of “How to’s” along the right hand side of the page. I assume these articles are submitted by site members. I have found lots of great tips and tricks browsing through the collection.

The main feature of the site is the forum section. This is a place where model railroaders gather to work out problems and to show off their latest creation. The forums are loaded with lots of how too’s, tips, and tricks as well. It’s definitely worth a look and maybe even to become a member (it’s free!).

Anyway, it worth stopping by


4 Responses to “Inspirations #6 – 2 Guyz and Sum Trains”

  1. Doug says:

    interesting website.

    been reading the info on making your own ground foam. their idea may deal with Lou’s issue of the foam turn brown after a couple of years.


    I made some “grass” many years ago (at least 10) using sawdust and acrylic craft paint. The layout I used it on is long gone now, but I have a bit leftover in a container. It has not discoloured at all, near as I can tell. Then again, it has been stored in a drawer out of most light for all that time. It might be different on the layout.


  2. Ron Pare says:

    2guys website is one of the most easy going sites I have ever visited. The jokes are outrageous they really are.

    Yup, lots of great stuff there, for sure!


  3. Russ Greene says:

    Does someone know what happened to the 2guys site?

  4. Scott says:

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping track of many of the sites I’ve linked to. This was a great resource that seems to have disappeared from the Internet. It’s a shame.

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