Kenville Station

It’s not completely finished, but it is close.

I’m trying to figure out a way to attach the roof so that it can be removed later to add some interior details like benches desks and wall adornments. Part of the problem is that the front of the roof is slightly warped, so I’ll have to repair that first. Hopefully one solution will solve the other problem.


The only thing I’ve done to the roof for aging so far is to apply some india ink/rubbing alcohol. It was a little blotchy when I first put it on, but I looked at it last evening and it has evened out as it sat.

Pictures are great to be able to show other people what you are doing. They are also great at pointing out flaws that you don’t normally see. I didn’t notice the cap shingles lifting along the top left edge. I’ll have to glue them back down and use something to apply pressure ’til the glue dries. You can also see the slight bow to the front edge of the roof line.


I hope to get some scenery done around the station before the next operating session on the BS&T (this coming Sunday evening). It will include modifications to the platform area to make it fit the curve of the tracks.



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  1. Nice looking station Scott. The weathering on the roof looks A1. Nothing like good old inda ink and alcohol.


    Thanks Wayne!

    I got the downspouts and station signs on last evening. I’ll do some more roof weathering after I put the chimney on. I probably won’t get too much more done to the station, or the layout for that matter, until after the weekend. My goal of doing some more scenery work before Sunday night’s operating session is looking lofty at the moment. We’re heading to Bruce’s this evening to help him get started putting his track down, Saturday’s schedule is looking pretty full, and Sunday we’re heading to Moncton for the day, but we’ll be back in time for operating. So that leaves Thursday and Friday evening to clean up the mess, print some car movements, and get things ready to run. I might be able to squeeze in some more scenery time somewhere.



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