Kenville Station

Instead of working on scenery on Sunday I decided to start on a kit I picked up during our visit to Saint John last winter. It’s a small CPR Branchline Station by Kanamodel Products.


This is my first laser cut kit. I was a little surprised to see cardboard, or “chipboard” as they call it, in addition to wood in the box. I figured the kit would be all wood. Then again, I’m used to working with cardboard.

I started by reading the directions from cover to cover to familiarize myself with the construction. YEAH RIGHT! Get a grip on reality! I jumped right in as usual! Though, to be honest, I did read a bit of the instructions – at least until I got bored with it.

I may not have read the instructions completely before starting the kit, but I did follow them closely. I’ve had too many experiences of getting ahead of myself when building a kit and then trying to figure out a way to redo something. It’s never a good thing.

So, on Sunday I got the walls shingled and assembled, the interior partially painted, and the doors and windows installed. The upper wall sections are “chipboard” and the lower 3′ are scribed wood. The shingle are Campbells paper shingle strips.


Kenville Station as of Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007

Monday evening turned out to be a long evening helping Brian and Ted with their computers.

I got back at the station on Tuesday evening. I applied the horizontal wood trim to the top and bottom of the wood sections of the walls. Then I started working on the roof. The roof is “chipboard” and Campbells shingles. Because it is a hip-style roof there are 4 sections to shingle. I got the back side done on Tuesday.


Most of Wednesday evening was spent with the guys at Bruce’s helping him work out a yard plan on his layout. I managed to shingle the two ends of the roof before we left, and finished shingling the front section after I got home.

Next I have to find a way to hold the roof sections in their folded position to glue them. The instructions say to use weights so I’ll have to see what I can dig up.

Hopefully the next update will have a completed Kenville Station. That means that after I get tired of working in Stevenville I’ll start doing scenery in Kenville.


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  1. Hi Scott;

    I too have started a laser cut kit this week – I am doing one of the smaller Bar Mills kits – its just a simple shed structure, but looks like it should go together nicely. I have built a couple of American Models Builders kits before – smaller ones – and they turned out nicely. I enjoy the laser cut kits. I find they are no more difficult than plastic kits. Oh I also picked up my scenary supplies for the mine area today that I ordered in from Maritime. Looking forward to getting that area finished. I’ll post some pics soon on the blog. Have a great weekend.


    It’s been fun so far. Been hard to find time to work at it the last couple days. Hopefully I’ll get and evening or two over the weekend. I have two other laser kits I purchased from a former UMG member that I want to start soon. They are for the harbour area of Chappellton.

    Can’t wait to see the pics!


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