Miracle Chair Company

“If it’s a good chair, it’s a Miracle”!

That’s what sign overhead proclaims at Miracle Chair Company. Judging by the rejects sitting out front I can see why! They seem to have a problem getting all the legs the same length.


This is a Bar Mills kit that I picked up at Hobby Junction in Montreal. It’s a small building, but has lots of details and should blend into the small town quite well. I had to make the foundation of the building fairly high for the loading dock to work so I used 3 layers of craft foam. I added another layer cut to the inside dimensions of the building to help hold it in place. A little bit of plaster will blend it into the surroundings.


Some grass, bushes and other details should finish this off quite nicely.



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  1. Yup -Bar Mills does indeed make a series of neat little kits as well as their larger ones. I am currently working (albeit slowly) on the HJ Simpson Feed and Seed kit and I also have the Furlow frieght and Transfer kit to put together. I also have several American Model Builders kits waiting to be put together – in fact I just picked up the latest one (Alton grain elevator) Friday night when it arrived with Maritimes latest Walthers order. More than enough to keep me going for some time.

    I’m working on an a Builders in Scale lighthouse at the moment. Not a bad little kit either.

    I don’t buy kits very often, but this one jumped off the shelf at me. I bought the lighthouse and one other kit from Jon Huneault at a decent price.



  2. don says:

    The bar mill model looks good. I have been thinking of kit building and their’s are reasonably priced. It is on my list!

    They have several really nice, inexpensive, small kits. Their bigger kits look amazing, but a little more expensive. But you have to pay for detail and quality. I received a $10 coupon from Bar Mills at the MFMR convention over the weekend. I’m finding it tough to decide what I’ll buy with it.


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