Moncton Crew Visit – Part 3

The last stop on the agenda was the Bayside and Tidewater. The crew arrived about 3:30 and operations got underway after everyone had a chance to tour the layout.

Murray chose the East Side Local job (working Stevenville and Derwin’s Drop), John took the West Side Local (working Chappellton and Kenville). These jobs are full-time requiring operators to work quick to get cars pulled for the wayfreights to pick up. The East Side Local was very busy, but traffic flow problems made the West Side job a little more relaxing.


Murray at the throttle in Stevenville. I think I see a violation already! Is that a box car on the service siding?


John working hard in Chappellton. Things are pretty quiet here for the moment.

Brian took the East Bound Wayfreight while Allan ran the opposing West Bound Wayfreight. Both of these jobs had extra work due to the previous crew timing out and leaving their return trains sitting on sidings outside yard limits. So the wayfreight crews had to pull their train into the yard and put away the cars before they could make up their departing train. Both were a little late departing and created some traffic problems as a result.

Brian puts away the previous crew’s cars.


Derwin gives Allan a hand (in the background) getting the Wayfreight ready to leave Bayside.

Mark grabbed the Transfer Job thinking it would be a simple straight run from Bayside to Tidewater. However, traffic issues kept him tied up for quite a while.

Ryan ran the CN Interchange train from CN Wholinthal using two CN (green and gold) units leased from a nearby railroad at the last minute. These units were another first for the BS&T. It was nice to see something other than CP on the layout for a change.


The CN Interchange in Tidewater. I should have taken a picture of this train earlier in the session, but things were a little busy.

Greg decided to run The Connector from Wholinthal to Tidewater. This train was a first for the BS&T. A couple firsts actually. It was the first passenger train on the BS&T and it was the first C-Liner (or anything close to looking like an F-Unit) ever to run on one of my layouts. Anyone knowing my aversion to anything looking like an F-unit would be surprised to see one of these.

Since I do not own any of these beasts I entered into a hastily prepared lease agreement with Canadisle Rail a few days in advance. I was expecting much more of a fuss over this train, but it did not materialize (I guess everyone was too busy). Surprisingly, it looked quite good and will hopefully become part of regular operations on the BS&T.


The Connector waits outside of Chappellton for things ahead to clear up a bit before it proceeds into Tidewater. Passengers were getting worried that they wouldn’t make their connection with The Express. Fortunately, the same traffic problems kept it pretty well locked up in Tidewater as well.

Jim thought the RDC run called “The Express” would be an easy job. Ha! It was far from it. Passengers of the premiere run of The Express were treated to 2 free meals (ok, they were just sandwiches bought from a diner near where they were waiting) as they waited on various sidings around the layout! It was far from an Express run!


The Express heads onto the station siding in Stevenville on it’s return run to Bayside.


It’s almost the end of the day on the BS&T. Power from the Transfer is running around to head east on its return run. Power from the West Bound Wayfreight is about to pull onto the service tracks to get ready for the next day’s East Bound Wayfreight.

There were only two recorded incidents during the session. Knowing most of the operators pretty well I’m sure there were lots of others that were not recorded.

At the start of the session Derwin read aloud an old memo posted on the new BS&T Crew Board (photos in a future report). The memo concerned an incident some time ago where freight cars were parked on a service siding causing significant damage to fueling equipment. The memo also stated that freight cars were not permitted on service sidings. A previous photo in this report, taken in Stevenville, is evidence of a blatant infringement of this rule, despite the warning. Since this operator was a “visitor” there will be no disciplinary action, but he may not get his choice of jobs the next time he visits.


The damaged fueling equipment is on the ground behind the caboose.

Then Management received a report that both a mid-train and rear-train helper were called to assist the East Bound Wayfreight get over The Ridge. This has never been required on the BS&T and traffic is carefully planned to avoid this. Only one helper is ever required on The Ridge. After a quick trip in the company helicopter, Management was on scene to try to figure out what was up.


The East Bound Wayfreight is about to cut in a mid-train helper from Kenville.

Apparently the East Bound crew added cars intended for the Transfer heading east back to Tidewater. Over 20 cars on a 5+% grade is not something Management ever wants to see on the BS&T. So the crew from Tidewater, intended to be the rear-train helper, was instructed to pull off the Transfer cut and return it to Tidewater. Never a dull moment running on the BS&T!


Ryan pulls in to remove the Transfer cars from the East Bound Wayfreight.

It was one of the busiest and best operating session ever on the BS&T. Yes, it was totally disorganized chaos, but it was very fun totally disorganized chaos!

The madness ended about 7:00, about 3 hours after it began.  There was a break in there for supper of about 30 – 45 minutes, so the entire ordeal only lasted a little over 2 hours.  It seemed a lot longer at the time.  Ha!

Now I have to get things fixed up so we can operate the BS&T on our normal schedule this coming Sunday evening. I think I hear a work crew repairing the fueling equipment in Stevenville now.



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  1. Will says:

    So very green with envy, as usual! I still think you need to work up a trackplan though, it’d make it all easier to follow :)

    Sorry for your greenness. ;^)

    I’ll get a track plan posted very soon. It’s in Atlas Right Track, but it’s not completely accurate, but it will give you a better idea than your imagination can, I’m sure. I’ll make changes to make it a little closer to actuality before I post it. I’ll make it my next project.


  2. Steve Mc says:

    Scott I am glad to see that you are learning the diplomacy that is required by railway management. That is part of the fun! Of course, Doug D. is way ahead of all of us on how to serve as management. It looks like the guys from Moncton (and you) all had a great time. It’s great to have three layouts in close proximity.

    Apparently it was rather new to those guys to have a layout owner admit that something was his fault. I tried adding in a couple new trains but hadn’t had tested the effect they would have on other operations before their visit. I admitted to that and apologized for it. They were flabbergasted! I’m afraid there could be some uprisings in Moncton now that they know this is possible.



  3. Doug Whitman says:


    Nice to hear that the changes in operations worked out. Sounds like the Moncton Gang had a very busy and fun time on their visit.

    Did you have to return the leased loco’s, or did you arrange a longer lease then just the weekend.



    I think I can keep them for a little while. Derwin doesn’t run the C-Liner since it is CP. Greg seemed to indicate I could keep his two for a bit. So I should be ok for a while – hopefully until I get them replaced with some of my own.



  4. Ron Pare says:

    There some great reading hear i am disappointed i couldn’t be there.

    Hmmm… You should plan a vacation to the east coast. Ha!


  5. Great Update Scott – look like a grand time was had by all…great phots as well. The layouts are all coming along nicely!


    Thanks Wayne! Yes the layouts are all looking pretty good. Hopefully the Chappellton side of the BS&T will be mostly covered with scenery by this time next year so it’ll look better during the Convention. That’s my goal anyway!



  6. Eric says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. My goal now is to just get a small section of my layout done and keep adding more n in phases.

    That’s a good way to do it. Go at the work in small chunks and it doesn’t look like an overwhelming task. Before you know it it’ll be done!


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