The Mine in Derwin’s Drop – pt. 1

mine-2-20081109I admit, this picture is more than a week old, but I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the layout, or take pictures.  I’m posting this just to demonstrate that I do work on the layout from time to time, mainly to give my brain a break. I don’t want any comments on that!

Anyway, I’ve been working all over the layout from Derwin’s Drop to Chappellton lately.  I’ll concentrate on the mine area in Derwin’s Drop in this post.  As you can see in the photo I have created a bit of a hill with one of the mine structures (I’ll call it the “Head Building”) built into it.  I had a few stone retaining wall castings on hand that I decided to use around the building.

There will be an access road in front of the head building to the tipple. I’ll need to build a platform and add some steps to get to the door in the side of that building. I hope to be able to put a couple company houses in the area to the right of the head building.  I also hope that I can add a realistic conveyor from the head building to the tipple (it’ll be curved so can that be realistic?).  It will require lots of wood supports and should make an interesting addition to the mine complex.

There’s still some plaster work left to do around the smaller structure before I can get on with painting and scenery.  I’ll have an update on this area in a week or so.


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  1. wayne woodland says:

    Darn and I had a good cheeky comment to leave!!!But since you said not to I wont. Anyway nice to see you are still finding time to work on the layout Scott – I have to get back to mine as its been neglect lately- I have spent my time on the module for the last while…


    As soon as I typed it I knew I could expect something. Yes, there are so many other things, like life in general, that take us away from our layouts. At least you were spending your spare time doing model railroad “stuff”



  2. Ed C says:

    Nice photos Scott, I see by the news that today is a good day to stay indoors and work on model trains.


    Yes. Check out my latest post!


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