The New Trees

Well, the new trees turned out better than I had hoped. They received quite a few comments from the folks at the show.

The view looking down the road toward BigFoot Bridge.

In addition to the deciduous trees I was able
to create about 7 conifers.

Greg rerails a car at Hazard Bend.
The name is well deserved.

Perhaps I should start selling trees at shows? The only problem is that I like them so much it would be hard to part with some of them. But, if the price is right….!


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  1. Wayne Woodland says:

    Hey Scott – I bet you could easily find a local market for those Conifers.As we discussed at the show – they sure are impressive.


  2. Scott says:

    Thanks Wayne! I think I’ll make an extra bunch over the winter and give it a try in Moncton next spring.

    If they don’t sell I can certainly use them on my own layout.

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