Blog Roll/Links

Prince Edward Island:

The NeverDone Railway – This is Brian’s layout. Although to most of us it looks done, he says it never will be!

The NeverDone Railway Version  2 – Follow Brian’s progress as he rebuilds the NDR in a new basement.

Canadisle Rail – Derwin’s layout, on the other hand, never will be done – REALLY! Just kidding.

Tom’s Train Room – Tom Gaudet’s layout in Kensington (soon to be Springfield)

Eastern Canada:

The UMG – The Un-Named Modular Group. This is our Free-Mo style modular layout. The UMG is made up of members from 3 provinces on the Canadian east coast.

White River Southern – Doug’s layout is made up of his, formerly, UMG modules.

Nottingham Sub – Wayne’s fictional junction between the Maine Central and CN set in the era of the early 70’s

Will’s Trains – Will, or B’Dubya, doesn’t have a layout for the time being, but he does have a web site.

The Chaleur & Restigouche – Ronald’s well detailed layout (English & French)

The Carleton Railway – Operated by Steve McMullin in Saint John New Brunswick.

Island Central Railway -Doug Devine’s contemporary version of CP Rail’s former Saint John, New Brunswick line is the ISLAND CENTRAL.

Hampton & St. Martins Railroad – Lou McIntyre’s HO version of the Hampton and St Martins Railway is loosely based on the prototype but in a mid-1950’s environment.

Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders – The MFMR is the umbrella group for model railroders in Eastern Canada.

Someplace Else:

Model Railroad Podcasts – Ryan and Will have a great weekly podcast on lots of model and prototype railroad subjects. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Model Railroading and Railroad Photography – Daryl Dankwardt’s blog about the construction of his model railway, and photography.

Joe Daddy’s Model Railroad Blog – It’s all in the title! Lot’s of great stuff here! – Michael has a lot of talent. He’s built some great structures and scenery. Imagine what he could do if he modeled in HO!

Black River Subdivision – Will Ayerst’s site with lots of great information on many subjects.

The Scratchbuilder’s Guild – Ron Pare’s blog with some great ideas.

The Sipping And Switching Society of NC – “Welcome to the non-conformist, iconoclastic but ever so tasteful world of the Sipping and Switching Society

“How To” Resources:

Model RR Scenery – A great resource for making realistic scenery on your model railroad.