The New Modules – 5th Street District

Brin and I have been working the last couple weeks building new modules for the UMG layout. These will replace the old, and tired looking, Hazard Bend module set.

Al introduced me to the track plan for the 3rd Street Industrial District thinking it would make a great module set. I had seen the plan before but hadn’t related it to modules. It looked like it could be possible so Brian and I decided to use it as inspiration. Since it is not an exact reproduction we’re calling our plan “The 5th Street District”.

We started about 2 weeks ago constructing the frames from some old 1/2″ plywood I had in the shed. We had to buy the foam, unfortunately. We used new track and turnouts on the mainline and a mix of new track and recycled track and turnouts from the old modules in the switching area.

The modules certainly aren’t finished by any stretch of the imagination, but trains should run on them just fine. They’ll be in a more presentable condition for the Truro show next fall.

The Moncton show is this Saturday (April 12th). I’ll have some pictures of these modules set up in the UMG layout next week.



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  1. Doug Whitman says:


    It will be interesting to see them on Saturday.


  2. Doug says:


    They are very interesting modules. Will be interesting to see them at their next stage and with the addition of the four module to complete the curve.


    Thanks Doug! They seemed to be a hit. A lot of people were commenting on how unique they are. We even got the seal of approval from Mr. Grandmaison! So I guess we done good!

    Ryan is talking about making the opposite set – with the mainline staying low and the branch going above. I think there’s lots more potential for switching with that plan. I wish we had thought of it! Ha!


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