BackDrops in Tidewater and Stevenville

A while ago I wrote about the backdrop I put in Tidewater from Sceniking. I had two sets from them that totaled about 8′, but they didn’t have a set to extended them until recently. Les, at Sceniking, sent me an email a few weeks ago saying that they had finished developing the new set, so I ordered it on the spot. It arrived this week and I started working on it the other evening.

The new set mated perfectly with the old one. As I moved toward the end of the yard where the tracks enter from Chappellton I hoped I’d be able to do something so the opening in the backdrop would look ok. It almost worked out perfectly. A building ended about 4 inches before the opening, then there was a street that I could easily cut out for the opening. But the building on the next sheet started over the opening. Bummer!

I moved things around trying to figure out how I could get the two buildings to be on each side of the opening. I decided to scan the first sheet and made two copies of it in the hopes that I could extend the first building enough to get it to end at the track opening. It’s not a perfect match, but it worked out quite well. It’s hard to see the extension in these photos. It is the white building at the far right of the top photo. The 4th, 5th, and 6th windows from the left are the scanned/printed section.  I’ve cropped and enlarged it, below.

The next step is to start adding some 3D details to the backdrop like loading docks, bushes, and grass.

There were a few sheets of backdrop left over so I trimmed the buildings and trees from the sky and placed them around Dickie Clothing in Stevenville. They certainly enhance the area!




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  1. Will says:

    That looks pretty excellent! Have you thought about making a signal gantry or something of the kind to hide the hole going to Chappellton?

    Now isn’t that an excellent idea! I had placed some buildings there in an attempt to hide the entrance, but they didn’t do the job the way I would like. I never thought of a signal gantry! I’m going to pick one up this weekend to give it a try.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Will!


  2. Scott – those backdrops sure look impressive. I am probably going to start scenary, backdrops for my yard/industrial area in the fall, and certainly plan on giving these backdrops a closer look…


    They look great in the photos, but good in person as well. There are lots of backdrop options on their web site.

    I’m heading to Montreal tomorrow and Quebec City later in the week. I hope to get to a few train stores if the timing is right.



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