Derwin Drop Scenery – The Mad Rush


I’ve been working in Derwin’s Drop a lot this week. Why the rush, you ask? We have some guests coming from Moncton on Saturday for a day of layout visits and operating, so I wanted to get rid of the last little bit of all-blue foam on the layout. With the recent changes to the track arrangement there I was ready to start scenery.


Anyway, last evening I painted the road and the base for the freight shed. I am planning to put a layer of plaster over the road to try Harold Minkwitz’s cracked road method, but I won’t get that done before Saturday, and I wanted to tone down the black foam. I dry-brushed a coat of “Linen” and “Grey” acrylic tole paints over the road. It seems to work, for now.


The “Linen” tole paint looks pretty good for concrete as well, so I painted the freight shed lot with it. Then scribed some expansion joints and added a cost of india ink/alcohol mix.


I painted the fence at Chemical Hazards. It’s hard to tell that it’s just a bunch of 2.5″ air nails. They look fairly good as a board fence.


The surrounding “land” got a coat of dark and light brown tole paints to get rid of the blue foam look. Grass, secondary roads, bushes and stuff will come later.

I’m happy with the area for now. It’s far from finished, but it looks a lot better than it did before.

I’ll have a post about our Moncton visitors next week. Until then, stay warm (P.E.I. Hit By Major Ice Storm)! Hopefully Derwin gets his power back before Saturday so we can operate the Canadisle Rail. Oh, and so his family can eat and be warm too!


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  1. doug says:


    Atleast you started with black foam. Used red for the parking lot at Marc’s Printing. It got a few cuts going to shows from the rail stops on the other module in the Dogwood set. So I had red spots in the pavement.



    The results of several accidents, I’m sure. Ha!


  2. Yup – heard all about the mess on the Island -my folks say its the worst ice storm that they can remember over there and you folks already had one this winter. Dad says his generator is working overtime….Hopefully the lights are on for you soon. On another note – trying to talk the general manager (read wife) into an Easter visit. If so I’ll let you know -perhaps I can pop around for a quick look at the layout Scott.


    Derwin was still without power yesterday evening. Summerside got along just fine with their own generating plant. Hopefully his power will get back on today so we can operate there tomorrow with the guys from Moncton. But the forecast doesn’t look too promising with more freezing rain tonight turning to rain in the morning. It could be a messy day. As long as the wind stays down…

    You are more than welcome to come for a visit anytime! But, if you’re going to make the long trek across the bridge you may as well build in time for operating. We could arrange our regular operating evening to Saturday if that would be better. We’d probably do that anyway since Easter Sunday would be a wash out anyway. Just let us know!


  3. Michael says:

    The roads are shaping up nicely – well done!

    Thanks Michael! I’m happy with them so far. Perhaps I’ll get some plaster around the areas that are hollow underneath – where they rise up to meet the grade crossing – and perhaps a little grass before the op session Sunday evening. Before I can do that though I have to finish running the solo session I started Saturday afternoon. HA!

    How is your new layout coming along? Have you decided on a new plan.


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