Derwin’s Drop Scenery

I took advantage of the weather and Kim’s work schedule to do some more work in Derwin’s Drop over the weekend. I was also able to get some photos for future articles at the Scratchbuilder’s Guild. I’m pleased to say that I’m about half done of the basic scenery in Derwin’s Drop now. I’m still not certain what to do with the mine area, but I’m sure something inspiring will happen in the next little while.

Here are some pictures I took last Sunday evening of my weekend’s work…

2008-03-02-derwinsdrop.jpgThis is an overall view of the town looking west. From left to right is the Freight Shed, Standard Electric with the mine behind and a cabin in front, and Chemical Hazards on the far right. There are a couple vacant lots that are calling out for buildings but I have no idea what to put there yet. There will be a train station behind the Freight Shed some day.

2008-03-02-freightshed-1.jpgSo, here are a couple closer shots of the Freight Shed. It looks like it’s getting close to the end of the work day and the guys are taking a break before heading home for the day. They had a long day of loading and unloading “stuff”. Their beds will feel good tonight.

Chet, the night watchman is just coming on duty.

2008-03-02-standardelectric-2.jpgThe mail man is doing his rounds a little late today. Fred and Bill haven’t seen each other in a while and are catching up outside. Standard Electric used to manufacture electrical components for the housing industry, but have fallen on hard times lately. Allan Lectric, the owner, hasn’t made up his mind whether he wants to “go big or stay home”.

2008-03-02-ch-2.jpg Chemical Hazards can be a very dangerous place to work. They don’t seem to care about regulations. We can see how they get away with it. Clayton, the Plant Manager, is greeting the inspector from Environment Canada, Bernie McBribe. I’m sure there’s a big bag of cash and a bottle of Clayton’s “Special Blend” inside somewhere.

2008-03-02-ch-3.jpgYou wouldn’t even have to go inside the gate to know that this place would not pass an Environmental Assessment. There’s nothing left alive inside the fence!

Drums of “God only knows what” are scattered everywhere. It’s a wonder these guys are still alive! I’d really hate to see what their kids look like!


Old Bentnose Willie is taking his life in his hands living so close to Chemical Hazards! There’s only a scraggly fence between him and an uncertain future. It’s a good thing his nose is so bent that no woman would ever have him. Think of what their kids would be like after years of ingesting that ground water!

Well, that’ll be it for scenery updates for this week, I think. I have to get the layout into operational condition for the visit by the Moncton guys. After a few weeks of scenery work that’s going to take a while! Plus I need to work out an operations scheme for the biggest crew I’ve ever had on the BS&T!



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  1. Thanks for the entertaining update Scott….Always nice to be able to rationalize why things are so


    Having a back-story to justify what’s going on in a scene adds a dimension of realism to a model. Plus, it adds a bit of humour to a post.



  2. doug says:


    soon all the pink and blue will be covered.

    it is looking good and good luck with this weekends operations.


    Thanks Doug! The last bit of pure blue foam is around the mine in Derwin’s Drop. Pretty much all the rest has been painted except for a bit in Chappellton. One of these days I’ll get some idea of what I’ll do around the mine.

    Hopefully the weather is good on Saturday. The forecast still looks a little iffy.


  3. Ron Pare says:

    Wow that does look great, I’m really impressed. The fencing looks very nice too with all that scenery around it.

    Can’t wait to get an update on train night I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the weather too.

    Thanks! I’m quite happy with the area.

    The forecast does not look promising. Lots of rain, freezing rain, and snow overnight tonight and tomorrow. You never know with forecasts though, so I’m going to finish getting ready just in case.

    If it happens I’ll have lots of content for next week!


  4. Olav in Norway says:

    Great progress Scott!
    About those unused area. Less is more. Do not overcrowd the scene. After all who do you think like to live /work next door to that chemical plant? Very nice and it inspire me!!

    Thank you again Olav! I don’t think I’ll put anything next to Standard Electric, but I think I might put something behind the cabin next to Chemical Hazards. Rest assured, It will be something fitting for the area. Like a pest control business that uses “stuff” supplied by Chemical Hazards to control the pests.



  5. Gailaos says:

    omg.. good work, bro

    Thanks, man! ;^)


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