E-Pass #5 – The Northern Pacific N-Scale Railroad

043epass.jpgIn May of 2000 Robert Ray sent me this E-Pass for what was then known as the NP & UP N-Scale Railroad. He has since changed the name to The Northern Pacific N-Scale Railroad.

I have been accused of being hard on N-Scalers, but it’s just healthy banter among friends (really Allan – I am only kidding. Well, most of the time anyway. HA!). Robert Ray’s N-scale layout is a wonderfully detailed model railroad! I’m am continually amazed at the tiny details that are available in such a small scale.

Now, after saying that, Robert is also working on some Z-Bend Track Modules. N-Scale is one thing, but to be able to work in Z scale is totally incredible! I used to think N-Scalers were crazy, but Z scale takes the term to a whole other level (remember – healthy banter). The level of detail that Robert has put into his module is unbelievable! Yes, the items in that picture are Z scale (click the picture for a larger version)!

His “Projects” page includes a lot of loco and freight car builds and modifications. It even includes upgrading the details on Z-scale locos! The highlight on that page for me is the construction of his Drive-In theater that plays real movies on an LCD screen. Very cool!

I now have a new respect for Z-Scalers (not that I had little respect for them before)!

You should stop by Robert’s site. It is certainly worth a visit! (click the E-Pass to go to Robert’s web site)


2 Responses to “E-Pass #5 – The Northern Pacific N-Scale Railroad”

  1. Allan says:

    See Scott!!! It’s not too late you can still change scales. Think of all the extra running you could do in your basement. Think of the respect you will get from all the finely detailed scenes. Think of….. ah never mind you know.


    It’ll never happen! About as much chance of that as your changing to Z-scale!


  2. Brian says:

    Amazing! I will be featuring this layout on my blog. What a sight… the detail and kitbashing quality is just…. WOW.

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