Finally Up to Date – More or less – Jan. 29, 2007

Ok – I’m finally up to date with this thing. These really are the most recent pictures of the layout, well, of Stevenville at least. From this point on I will try to post a new update within a few days of taking the pics, as close to weekly as I can.

So, this is an overview of most of Stevenville as of last Monday (Jan. 29th). Things are really starting to take shape. I really like using the craft foam for roads. It sure is easier than trying to smooth out plaster. The foam even makes great sidewalks!

Here are a couple closer shot of the “city”. I really like the shot looking eastward (the second photo). I can see real promise in this area. I simulated expansion joints in the sidewalk by making a cut every 4 scale feet. It is noticable in the picture.

I still have to paint the roads and weather them up. One of these days I might even finish the large storefront section.

The building on the left is a new structure I’m working on. It will be a tenement with rickity platforms at each floor. If I get creative I might even string some clothes lines with wash on them.

I got the urge to cut up the Picard Packers building and make two structures out of it. You can see the top section of it behind the tenement. It will become Picard Packers Worl Headquarters and a new structure will replace it trackside. The bottom section of the building is to the right, out of the frame.

I have the platforms constructed and I’m working on putting the rafters under the roof section over the platforms. I hope to get it “finished” this weekend and start installing it in place on the layout.

I’ll have more progress shots next week.



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