Inspirations #5 – The Sipping & Switching Society of NC

When the UMG (Un-Named Modular Group) first formed, the Sipping & Switching Society was one of the first websites I visited for information about building modules. I was extremely impressed by the quality of their modules – both in their construction and scenic details. You have to love their 8 foot radius curved modules – a 60″ minimum radius!

Their site disappeared for a a while, but there were other sites that had a few S&SS resources, like TrevinoCircle’s link to their tree making instructions.

Welcome to the non-conformist, iconoclastic but ever so tasteful world of the Sipping and Switching Society

Their site is being rebuilt and I recently found it. The new Sipping & Switching Society of NC site contains a lot of information about building modules. I really like their waffle construction methods and their ideas for running rails right to the module edge negating the need for fitter rails between modules. (photo by Ric Mattar)

The UMG shares a lot of the same tenets that the S&SS has. About half way down their main page they talk about their group structure, or lack thereof. Basically, no formalities equals a happy and cohesive group. The group does not “own” anything and there is no “political” organization within the group. As long as modules are built to a basic standard they can be included in group layouts.

They have some track plans from past shows, and a few pictures of their modules on their site. I’m sure if you look around the internet you’ll find more photos of their very impressive layouts.


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  1. Doug Whitman says:

    Tried this method for making trees, but could not get them to twist correctly. They would not give me a complete twist. Mine looked more like a barber pole. I need to revisit this again.


    I haven’t tried it yet, but I do intend to. There are a few variations on this method that I will try as well. I hope to have a few tree how-to’s in the not too distant future. Probably around the time of the Moncton Train Show since I have to get a bunch made for my modules. I may make a few extra and try selling them.



  2. ronpare says:

    I remember reading that article found it here
    They really are really good at making those tree’s and wonder what it would look like in HO

  3. Steve D. says:

    Ah, something to dream about eh? It’d be neat to have a module set with a 16′ radius 180 degree curve…

    Extremely cool! But where would we ever find a venue that would take us? They’d have to lose 1 or 2 other layouts just to get our layout in. Oh to dream….


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