Model Railroader & Business Owner

I spent a month or so living the life of the unemployed.  Now I’m living the life of a person about to start a business.  Business plans, cash flow analysis, market research, municipal permits, insurance, accountants, bookkeepers, business registration, 2 tax registrations …. there’s a lot to consider!  I should have taken more time when I was “unemployed Scott” to work on the BS&T!

I am “working on the railroad” but at a slower pace than when I was “employed Scott”.  As an employee there are a lot of things that do not get in the way of a hobby. But, when I do get to work on something hobby related I certainly appreciate it more.

I’ll share some of the things I’ve been working on as stress relievers soon.

There short and sweet.  Must get back to work.  Lets see…. should I work on market surveys or cash flow?


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  1. Will says:

    Glad to see you’re still kicking, Scott!

    Could you furnish us with what your business is actually going to do? Or is that classified!

    Yup, still kicking… and screaming!

    My business is IT consulting, training, support, whatever I can do for a buck – even if it’s not IT related. I’ll make a big announcement here when I get the other blog polished up. There’s soooo much to do!


  2. Don says:

    Good Luck Scott on your new venture. I loved checking the progress of your railroads and then read about your company being sold. Starting your own business is stressful but in the end much more rewarding and fulfilling. Again, wish u all the best!

    Thanks Don! I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog.

    Starting a business does have its stressful times, but there are some fun times scattered with the stress. Like when you discover an idea of how you can partner with another business and increase your market area exponentially (like I had last night after I made this post). What an adrenaline rush that was! Didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 am!

    Keep checking the blog!


  3. Doug says:


    Good luck with your new adventure. I will be starting mine soon also, but mine is by my choice and not by the actions of others.


    Same to you! Mine was a choice as well. I could have found another real job but chose this route instead. I’m sure it will be more rewarding in the long run, as will yours.



  4. Steve Mc says:

    It’s good to see activity on your blog again Scott. All the best with the new venture, and remember not to neglect the railway–the hobby provides the necessary “sanity breaks” when life gets hectic (I speak from experience).


    I know it has been a while, but it has been hard to find the time, and ambition, to post. I think I’m finally coming back, maybe not as frequent as before, but at least once a week is my goal. I have many other goals, too many, that conflict with this stuff. That’s why I value my time in the train room so much more than I did before.

    You call them “sanity breaks” I call them “diversions from reality”. HA!


  5. Ed C says:


    Good luck with the new work. I only met you this year but feel you will do very well in whatever direction you turn. I understand the job shift thing, although I am still employed at the same place my new position was a complete change. I am struggling to find time for the hobby and now I am “making time” for my own sanity.

    Take care


    Yes, for some reason we must maintain our sanity. Anyone know why?


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