Module in a Week – Conclusion

Well, as you know I was building a new module to take to the Truro show last week. I was so busy between work, Kim’s Crafts, and the module that I didn’t get any time to post any updates on it.

I didn’t quite get the module done, but it was done enough that I felt okay about including it in the UMG layout. The frame wasn’t painted, and there was a little bit of blue foam showing through near the tracks, but overall it looked pretty good.

Since this was being used as an EoE (End of Earth) in the layout, there are a couple Railway employees warning oncoming trains that there is a hazard ahead. They set fusees a little farther up the line just to be certain. I don’t see any blue flags though.

There’s obviously more work to be done on the module. I’ll leave that until the week before the Moncton show next spring.


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  1. Doug Whitman says:


    the week before ….

    It did look nice. Have you considered installing the ties to the end of the modules, so you will have to install only the rail?


  2. Scott says:

    Yes, I tend to leave things to the last minute. I’ll say I’ll do it before then, but in reality…

    I liked the way Greg had his inserts between his modules.

  3. Doug Whitman says:

    they work for him, because they are between known modules. Think of doing the roadbed and ties to the edge and installing on the weathered rail at the show.

    But now that it just something for discussion :-)


  4. Scott says:

    Thie module will always be connected to the same Spring Valley module so it should work as well.

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