Proposed Development in Chappellton

The other towns on the BS&T seemed to almost fall into place as far as building and street locations are concerned.  Once those things are determined the rest of the scenery just happens.  Chappellton, however, continues be a challenge.  It has gone through many changes since the layout was constructed as I tried to find track and street arrangements that I was happy with.  I am happy with it to this point, but I wanted to try something different here.  I wanted to have part of the town raised above the railroad with the station building on the raised portion and the passenger platform below.

ctbuildings-2-20081102So, I’m trying some things to see how I can go about doing that, but they all lead to one fact.  I have to move the tracks, yet again!  There is not enough room between the main line and the station siding for the walls and other structures required to support a raised section of town.  So, one of these evenings when I go into the room to do some work I know I’ll be tackling that project.

If you’ve been a very observant regular reader of this blog you might notice there are several “new” structures in Chappellton (the row of buildings just left of center in the first photo).  I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when we were at the Truro train show a few weeks ago and bought several structures from Dara at a great price.  These will certainly help to make the town look a little less barren.


The second photo shows two other structures (the large brick and the sand colored building near the center of the photo) that were built for the 5th Street Industrial District UMG modules.  They may as well be on my layout between shows rather than collecting dust somewhere.  Plus there’s a greater chance they’ll get finished than if there were packed away.

Next time I’ll have an update on a recent operating session on the BS&T.  Until then…


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  1. Doug says:


    I am glad that you have found some time to spend in the land of BS&T during the many changes in your life over the last few months. Also glad that you have found some time in your busy schedule on the computer to provide us with updates.

    Yes having projects sitting in front of you, they are more likely to be done then being packed away to the next show.



    The biggest problem is that there are sooo… many projects to do that I find it difficult to complete any one. I have several things that are in various stages of completion. I get so far with one and then lose focus and switch to something else.

    But I am trying to attain some level of completion before the convention so one of these days…


  2. Will says:

    I like how Chappellton looks like an actual town, rather than a railroad with a building next to it and the rest ‘off scene’. Awesome!

    It would be easier if I was modeling in that other scale. What do they call that teeny tiny scale some people use for model railroads? Oh yes, N scale!

    Thanks Will!


  3. Allan says:

    Ehem!!!! I heard that!!!
    Good to be reading your updates Scott. Sheesh, Don’t hear anything for months and now almost daily. I’m reading and trying to get caught up.

    Later Man

    Oh, I’m sorry! Are you an N-scaler too? My bad. The comment was meant for Will who is yet another N-scaler. But if it gets me in hot water with several of you “little people” then I can take it! HA!


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