Roundy, roundy

One thing I like about looped layouts is that when you have someone in to visit you can start a train moving and let it run unattended – at least until a derailment happens. I have not been able to do that on the Bayside and Tidewater, until now. The loop track was completed last Thursday evening. This track also provides access to the layout from staging. Trains from “points east” must run 1.5 times around the layout, roughly 100′, before reaching Tidewater. I’ll try to employ some scenic separation ideas and hidden track to disguise the fact that it’s going through a scene twice. Derwin completed the staging yard last evening.

The picture below shows the new location for Chappell Seafood. You can see the loop track running behind Chappell Seafood. I’ll use buildings through Chappellton to hide the loop track as much as possible. The area just in front of Chappell Seafood is the yard storage and warf for the new barge. The harbour will be to the left of Chappell’s.

Turning 90 degrees, you can see some of the other changes in Chappellton. Der-Win Coal and Oil is in the foreground. The lead track for it is also the storage track for Naylor’s Nails. That should make for some blue language during operations. :-).

The two storey building with the truck parked at it is Fred-Ex and behind that is Fixum Car Repair.

The disguised hole in the wall is the entrance to staging. Behind this hole is a 5 track, 6 foot long, staging yard. It’s a little small, but we’ll be able to make do.

The building flats at the far end of Stevenville hide the loop track as it rises up into the city. Clayton made these up as fillers for the city, but I think they may work out just fine here.

There have been so many things to do that I only do a little bit here are there. So there’s not a huge amount of change in any one area. You can see that I have done a little scenery work around the tenement building.

Until next time!


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