The Earth Moves in Derwin’s Drop

As I mentioned in my operations report on January 19, after the session we talked about some possible changes to the track arrangement in Derwin’s Drop. Since I only have three weeks before the next operating session I decided I’d better get started. So over the weekend the earth started moving in Derwin’s Drop.

The track arrangement in Derwin’s Drop has two limitations. the west and east sides of the town both have bridges/liftouts so the approach track to those must remain exactly where it is. I removed all the track except the last 6 inches or so of those approaches. Then I started rearranging track trying to find a better track plan.

Reaching most of the turnouts in Derwin’s Drop has proven to be difficult for most operators. There are only three industries, Freight Shed, Chemical Hazards, and MyCoal Mine. The mine was the challenge since the first turnout for the mine was off the rear passing siding and there were two turnouts off of that. Each turnout was progressively farther away from the operator. So my goal was to reduce the reach and make it easier for folks to operate there.

After much finagling of track I ended up with much the same arrangement. However, I now have only two, longer, sidings at the mine so the turnouts are closer to the fascia. To further reduce the reach I installed ground throws a few inches away from the turnouts using a long wire connected to the turnout’s throwbar. If cars are parked on the siding it will be difficult to reach this groundthrow. I may put a longer wire and move the ground throw even closer – to the other side of the tracks at the bottom of the photo.


Another thing that bothered me about the area was that I did not have room to place a train station in he town. I was able to move the Freight Shed a little farther east so I am now able to place a small train station where it used to be.

I’ll put this arrangement to the test at the next operating session (which might be this weekend if the guys from Moncton come over), and see how it goes. There’s always the stand-by milk crate for any vertically challenged operators.


Meanwhile, I have a lot of cleaning to do now. Besides the clutter left behind in Derwin’s Drop due to all the earth moving, the original town of Derwin’s Drop was temporarily relocated to Kenville!




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  1. doug says:

    It takes a few operating sessions by different people to see if a design will work or needs to be adjusted. Everyone does things in their own way. I had to make changes to Dogwood for two inches of clearance to allow for the loco plus two cars to fit on the tail track for Marc’s Priniting. This reduced the moves by half.

    Yes, trying to get things done in three weeks between operating sessions can be fun.



    I moved all the ground throws another 3 inches (or so) closer to the fascia last evening. I’m on a kick to work on Derwin’s Drop now so have started finguring out where roads will go and what other buildings I could have there. The bulk of the area against the wall will be mountain so that makes it a little easier on buildings.

    How did your op session go, or was it cancelled due to weather like a lot of other things in the Maritimes.


  2. Doug Whitman says:

    Operating session was cancelled. Think there is 3 inches of ice on the road this morning.


    Yup, same here. It was a slow drive into Charlottetown. Must have been about 100 power poles down on my route in. I can only imagine how many are down out in the country! About 10,000 homes without power. It’ll be a few days before things get back to normal.


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