The Land Between

2009-06-08-forest-1I need to come up with a name for the area of the layout between Chappellton and Kenville.  Hmm….

Anyway, this was one of the sections to get treated to some scenery in the weeks prior to the MFMR Convention.  As you can see, it is just a hill and some trees to separate the two areas.  There is a road and a few distant houses tucked into the trees.

Being so close to Kenville this area has been heavily logged by Jay Forest Products.  They didn’t bother with the trees on the hill, but they may be back some day when they get desperate enough.

Wait a minute!  I think I see a couple Jay Forest Product workers starting into some of the trees on the hill!  Oh no!  Not another clear cut!


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  1. Olav M says:

    The obvious name for that area near Kenville would be Kenwood or Kenwood Flats. Or Chappelwood (?)
    Or you could turn it into a place with a name telling that there’s very little left here…
    By the way I realize we do too little modelling of such areas, this gives real distance between more interesting (?) spots to model. Great work!
    Greetings from Olav in Norway

    Greetings to you, Olav in Norway, from Scott in P.E.I. Canada! Thank you for your comment!

    Great ideas for names! I thought of a pretty good one one evening while driving and now, for the life of me I can’t remember it. I’ll certainly keep those in mind.

    I’m not a big fan of having a caboose in one town while the locomotive is in another town. I wanted to have more distance between towns (switching areas) but I also wanted to have lots of switching opportunities, so the compromise was made. We make so many compromises as model railroaders, don’t we? I have a plan in mind for the rebuild that will happen in a few years that will put more distance between switching areas and keep roughly the same amount of switching. It will be sort of a multi-level layout without a separation between the levels, just view blocks.

    Thanks again for visiting the Bayside & Tidewater! Come back and comment again!


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