The room is tidy looking, at least – May 9, 2006

Another month has gone by with very few changes. The room does look a bit tidier finally with the addition of the curtain to hide all the junk. The following pictures follow around the room to give you an idea of what little I’ve been up to in the last month.

Bayside Yard


Derwin’s Drop


I did get some scenic work done on the grade from Kenville to Derwin’s Drop. I’m not too happy with it yet, but lots of people tell me the rock face looks like the Canadian Shield area of Ontario.

Chappellton (right) / Tidewater Yard (left)

On the far right is the only bit of green on the whole layout. It is an entry I made in a 64 sq. in. contest a while ago. The idea was to build a 64 sq. in. diorama based on a theme – this one being “Trees”. I called mine “Still Life” since it had a moonshine still in a grove of trees.

Tidewater Yard

That’s it for this entry.



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  1. Looks good, started working on my shelf, hope to have both levels done before 2009 :)

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