West Island & Montreal Railway Co.

After visiting Canada Central we headed over to Hobby Junction. I thought I had pictures from Hobby Junction but I can’t find them now.

After a lot of browsing, free coffee and donuts, and dispersal of funds the guys at HJ suggested we visit a club only 5 minutes away – they were having an operating session.

So after a quick lunch at a nearby deli we headed over to the club. We were told to ring the doorbell and “tell em Dave sent ya”.

We received a very warm welcome and were invited upstairs. Unfortunately, they had already finished operating and were packing up.

We talked about their layout, their modules and plans for the future. Derwin was star struck when he realized the guys he had been talking to were Ken Goslett and Stan Smaill. He actually felt a little faint as we left the building.

It was a great layout that looked like it would be a lot of fun to operate. It would be nice to organize a trip to operate there some day.

Anyway, they said we really had to go to Van Horne Hobbies. So, with Only a little time to get there before they closed we decided to get on the road quick.

Next post, The Van Horne experience!




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  1. Hey Scott – sounds like the island gang had a great weekend in Montreal!! Nice to read about your adventures and see you posting again.All the best!


    We most certainly did! Now that we are home safe and sound after a long drive in snow, rain and ice I can say the trip was definitely worth it!


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