Black River Road

Not even Sheriff Tom drives down Black River Road.  Everyone in Chappellton, including the Sheriff, knows what the Rowan gang have down that road.  It’s one of those things that everyone keeps their noses out of.   They don’t bother the Rowan Gang and the Rowan Gang won’t bother them.  Besides, a lot of folks are actually very good customers of the Rowans.

There are a few signs on the road warning anyone thinking of traveling down Black River Road.  Anyone from the area would know better, but a few new comers to the area have gone down the road while out touring.  Some of them have taken heed to the “No Trespassing” signs, some have not.   As the stories go, the bolder, more curious people seemingly “leave town” very quickly – without a good-bye to anyone.

If the first two signs aren’t enough to turn someone around the “third sign”, just around the bend, certainly will.  Old Charlie is a member of the Rowan Gang.  He can usually be found “hunting” just before the railway crossing.  When anyone asks why he’s always hanging around there he just says the rabbits always cross the road at that spot and he’s always ready for them.  If you ask me it’s not rabbits he’s after.  He’s one of Rowan’s guards.

I wanted to find out if the rumours were true, so I took my new camera for a walk along the highway hoping to be able to see what was going on.

It was risky, but I was able to get some photos from the highway using my best telephoto lens.  This shot was the most risky, since I was standing just above Old Charlie.  I had to be very quiet and be sure I didn’t disturb any gravel along the edge of the road.  I didn’t want him catching me taking pictures!  He’s just tell Sheriff Tom he thought I was a rabbit.  Anyway, I couldn’t get a very clear shot of what was going on so I walked along the road and away from Old Charlie.

I found another spot where I could get a bit of a better view through the trees.  There he is, Guzzlin’ Greg.  Apparently he’s one of the Rowan Gang’s “quality control technicians”.   From what I’ve been told he’s always out here, pretty much in that same spot, every day!

I thought I could see a few more people around so I walked a little farther up the highway hoping I could get a better view of what was going on.

I was a long ways from Old Charlie so I was getting a little braver.  I could see Big Barry (red shirt and coveralls). BB, as they call him, is the leader of the Rowan Gang.   A couple other guys were unloading something from an old green truck but I couldn’t tell who they were or what it was.  The trees were just too thick!  There were a couple other fellows working on something too, but I couldn’t get a good view of it.  I decided to go a little farther along the highway.

Bingo!  This was the perfect vantage point!  I guess Big Barry was also doing a little “quality control” too.  I could see the bags in the back of the truck.  They look like big sacks of sugar.

The two guys working on the gizmo in front of them are a couple locals.  One claims to be an “engineer” of some sort and the other is the local Mensa wannabe.  Derwood something or other and Chris Smeer or something.  Anyway, I’m sure between the two of them they are almost smart enough to fix any contraption – even this whatever it is.

I think the guy behind Big Barry is his second in command – Krazy Kenny.  He’s a little guy but you have to be careful around him.

I recognized the red and white car too.  It’s THE fastest car in town.  I’ve seen it zooming through town many times after pulling out of Black River Road.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my story.  I was lucky I wasn’t caught.  Here are a few more pictures I took after I was a little farther away from the danger zone.

I made it home in time for supper and to catch my favorite TV show. Perhaps you’ve heard of “Dukes of Hazard”? Anyone know where I can get an HO scale General Lee? How about a Daisy Duke?



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  1. Doug says:


    Very interesting report. Glad no one found out about you taking pictures.

    Like the new trees.

    As for the General Lee, it would be one if not two generations ahead of your time. You need the cars Uncle Jessy and Boss Hog used when they were in the business in their younger years.


    Yes, I was taking a great risk. Ol’ Sure Shot Charlie, as he is sometimes called, was a sniper in the WWII. He rarely misses!

    Yes, the series was set in the 70’s so those cars would be too new. I wonder what Jesse was driving when he was running shine? Ha!

    See you in a couple weeks!


  2. Tom says:

    That sure made for some great reading .You should be a writer .
    So I have gone from cooking road kill at Tommys drive-thru to the sheriff have I ???

    Yes, and gosh only knows what you’ll be in the next story. I was thinking afterward you should have been named Sheriff Thomas P. Gaudet or something (in keeping with the “Dukes” Roscoe P. Coltrain)


  3. Ian D. says:

    Nice trees, Scott — I like the way that you have a mix of shapes, sizes & textures. Too many modelers put their (similar)trees in a regular dot-dot-dot fashion, so that it looks like an Irving tree plantation. Lots of them tho – sure you only need 3 bags of Noch leaves? haha


    Thanks Ian! I’ve spent enough time in the woods (I am a Forest Technician by training – MFRS Class of ’84) to know that nothing there is ever “similar”. Trees come in all sizes and shapes, even within the same type.

    I’d like to try the 3 different colours to see if I’ll like them as much as the Selkirk leaves. It’s too bad Bill Kerr is not able to supply them. I’ve emailed him several times, and got a response once that he is making them, but nothing since. So, If I like the Noch leaves I’ll buy the big shaker bottles.



  4. Ric says:

    As to what Jesse might have been driving I would say an early or late 40’s Ford (nothing from 41-45). Easily hot-rodded for ridge running. Plus he was a Ford man.

    I’ll have a look around at the Convention.

    Thanks for the assistance! HA!


  5. Nice tale Scott…did you ever run across any such old abandoned sites in your travels through the PEI woods? I’m sure they were popular on the island back in the “old days”. Talk soon.


    Never saw anything that produced drinkables. I have seen a few “crops” though. HA! Hmmmm…. Black River Road could become “Copperhead Road” if I decide to update the era of the layout.



  6. Ed says:

    Hmmm, I will have to be careful at that end of town….see you in a week!

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