Developments in Kenville

What’s a town without a Public Library. Everyone needs to read, and the books are free!

Here’s the Kenville public library, above the Continental Insurance building in Kenville as of Dec. 23.


Signage needs to be added and he doors are below street level so there’s lots of work to be done.

Here is the library as of yesterday, Dec. 30…



As you can see the signs are there and I put a layer of craft foam under it to bring it up to street level. You can also see another new building to the left – Miracle Chairs – which will be the subject of another post later.

After adding the craft foam base I used some colored plaster to bring the grade up to the base and blend in the surroundings.


I did both buildings at the same time. I also started smoothing out the pond area – at the left. The area behind will be parking for Union Ice.

So, here is how it looks as of today…


Unfortunately I am giving away some of my future posts on the Miracle Chair bulding, but it can’t be helped. My Photoshop had decided to not allow me to crop.

Until next time!


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  1. Doug says:


    Two posting in one day … you are very busy person.

    The project looks interesting …. a DPM kit ???


    Yes, there’s more to come. The nice thing about WordPress is you can be creative all day and then set the times you want the posts to appear on the blog.

    Yes, the library is from a DPM bulk pack. The “stairway” leading to the library is scratchbuilt. There’s more work to be done to the building – eventually.


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