E-Pass #4 – Westport Terminal

60_scott_jay.jpgWolfgang Dudler sent me this e-pass for his Westport Terminal layout in June of 2000. His site and his layout have developed quite a bit since then. One of the most interesting things he’s added are videos of his layout in operation. The “Switching Third Street District” video (about 3/4 down his video page) is my favorite. Listen close at the end of the video for a little surprise sound from the little 44 ton switcher. I’m still amazed he managed to get a sound decoder in that little switcher! Apparently it is a Loksound decoder.

Looking at his work you’d never know that he has never been to North America. He must have a ton of reference books loaded with photographs!

Wolgang has several pages of photos of the layout on his site that are worth taking a look at. His attention to detail is incredible. He also has several “how-tos” on his site from making turnouts to making movable switch svr_022.jpgstands. His method of adding power pickup to coal tenders is one I’m going to try on my Proto 0-8-0.

The pass I sent to Wolfgang was my #22, sent a few days before he issued mine.

Visit the Westport Terminal Railroad today.


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  1. doug says:

    I liked the flashing light on the top of the 44 Tonner.


    Yup, cool! Did you hear the “extra” sound near the end of the video?


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