Inspirations #4 – Joe Fugate’s Siskiyou Line

Joe FugateI’m not sure if it’s the layout or the person that has inspired me the most. Joe has built an amazing representation of what the prototype “may” have been if it had been built “as planned”.

The scenery on the layout is beautifully done and its operations seem to be very smoothly orchestrated (well most times anyway). Joe has many videos available for sale on topics ranging from layout construction to operating. From all accounts the videos are worth their weight in gold.

Joe is always willing to share his knowledge with others. He has created a forum where he, and many others, can share their skills and help other model railroaders with their challenges. I especially enjoy his op session discussions. The banter that goes on between operators seems oddly familiar! Ha!

It is definitely worth a visit to Joe Fugate’s Southern Pacific’s Siskiyou Line web site! I encourage you to drop in on his forum discussions from time to time as well. You will not be sorry you did.


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  1. willayerst says:

    I was very interested in picking up his ops DVDs, but the fact they’re split up into multiple disks put me off a bit…

    And they are a bit expensive, but from the samples I’ve seen of the videos and the work that he’s done they look like they are worth the money. When you think of it, you may spend money on a couple MR subscriptions and get only half the information you’d get from one of his videos. Most people who have bought them seem to be very satisfied.


  2. Yes Scott – another very impressive site ( not to mention his layout). My first exposure to his layout was thru the pages of MR – I think his layout was a cover feature about 9-10 years ago – must go check my back issues…..


    I think he’s been in MR a few times.


  3. doug says:


    I think the DVDs on operations are from three different operating sessions, one per DVD. Think there is two or three years between DVDs.


    Looking at them now – Op Session #1 was recorded in May, 2007, #2 was Oct., 2007, and #3 was Nov. 2007.


  4. doug says:

    Ops Session One and Two are of his layout, Ops three I believe is another layout.
    I misread the date the operations were modelled on, to be their production dates.

    I will keep my fingers away from the keyboard, until my brain is completely in gear in the future :-)


  5. don says:

    i like his video production quality. its very clear and well lighted. i purchased just a clip to to see the quality and was amazed. his sample clips are also long enough for us to judge if we like it or not unlike other people who try to sell DVD’s without any proper sample clips. pricewise its expensive but the quality and his instructions are worth it.

    I’ve seen clips from the videos and although they are a little pricey I think
    they are well worth it.


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