Finally, some scenery appears in Kenville!

The layout is almost 2 years old and I’m finally getting some scenery in Kenville. It’s not much, but I’ve started at least.


Here is yet another close-up of the station.


There are some trees here and there. These are the last of the ones I made to take to the Truro show. I have to start making more!


A little farther back you can see the dirt road to the station. A little grass along here will be a big improvement.  I actually bought the trees at the left of this picture.  They look pretty good – like well manicured trees.



A different view of the station – looking from Union Ice. The reefers are parked at Union Ice, the empty track is a switching lead, and the loco is parked on a service track (it is sometimesused as a helper engine).

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  1. Doug Whitman says:

    if this is no scenery, I wish my layout was at this level. I have too much blue foam and brown plywood.


    Well, mostly the only thing different from bare foam is it’s painted brown and there’s a road. There’s no grass, few buildings, and very little else. That will change soon I hope!


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