More Scenes in Stevenville

I did a little more scenery work in Stevenville last week. Here are a few pictures…


Shelly’s wondering why Derwin is taking so long to change the tire. He’s waiting for a train to watch!


The excursion train is sitting on the passenger siding.
A crew shortage has resulted in reduced operation of this train.


The view across the tracks.



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  1. Steve Mc says:

    These scenes look very realistic, Scott. Great job!

    Thanks Steve!


  2. Michael says:

    Really nice work! I appreciate the level of detail you’ve added and the ‘mood’ it creates. I find the second photo particularly striking – you can practically feel the heat in the air. Thanks!

    Thanks Michael! I appreciate you comment very much, especially considering what you did with Pete’s Pumpkins!


  3. Hi Scott;

    I agree with Michael. The pics are great and real pull one into the scene…well done both modeling and photography.


    Thanks Wayne! I’m starting to get the hang of the photography side. Hopefully I’ll soon be ready to take on the big guys like Lou and Ronald in the photo contests. Ha!


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  5. Sectional Garage · says:

    well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest ~

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