First Photos of the MTR!

Last weekend I finally managed to place the track to figure out where it will go.  Now I am finally finding some time to post them.

This first step is just to determine the route the track will take.  It was also a test to see if I had enough track to do what I wanted.  I had more than enough track and I was able to fit it almost exactly where I had pictured it.

Since most of the track was used it was unsurprisingly quite dirty.  It was actually black, as brass will do when it is exposed to the elements.  I started using sandpaper to clean the track but that was going to take a lot of time.  So I tried my 1/4 sheet palm sander.  It worked wonderfully and in less than 30 minutes the tops of the rails were nicely polished.  Next I brought out my S4 and Lenz gear to test it out.  I was totally surprised that, even though I was relying solely on rail joiners to carry power around the loop, the locomotive ran completely around the loop without even a hiccup!

The next step will be to level off a few low areas.  I’m going to use rock to create a retaining wall in one area, and make some wooden cribwork in another.  I’ll just use soil to level off some minor dips. Then I’ll mark the right-of-way so I’ll know where to dig a shallow trench about 4″ wide and a couple inches deep for the crushed rock roadbed.  After the roadbed is tamped in place and leveled I’ll put the track back in place, sprinkle more crushed rock between the ties as ballast, and it’ll be ready to run again!

Anyway, take a look at the gallery and I’ll try to explain my vision for the layout…



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