Today’s Work on the MTR

I started doing some fine tuning on the grade today. I managed to complete the longest stretch that will require fill. There are several other areas with minor bumps and hollows, but this was the worst section.

Besides grading I also added a siding to allow me to “play” a little. The turnouts are very short radius by LGB and are not in the best of shape. They have caused a few problems. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for some better used (read affordable) turnouts.

After I finished this area I had to pull out a train to test it out. There are a few other dips around the loop that I’ll have to fix, but the train ran for about an hour without a glitch (after I fixed a few problem areas.

Once the grading issues are resolved I’ll be ready to add better subroadbed and ballast.

Here’s a picture without all the tools and track laying about…



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  1. Allan says:

    Very Cool Scott! Could you not build your own turnouts? At that size (Scale) it should be a breeze!


    I suppose, I’ll have to do some investigating.

    I’ve tried to incorporate the layout into the vegetation tha tis already there to try to make it look like the layout’s been there for a while. It is hard to do that in the area in these photos since until a couple weeks ago the spruce branches went right to the ground, so there’s nothing growing there. This is where I will eventually put the “town”.

    I’ll have more photos from Sunday afternoon later in the week.

    See ya!


  2. Doug says:


    Looking nice, hope it is not build on a flood plain.

    That is one of the problems with “G” scale, the range of size of the locos and rolling stock. The “Christmas stuff” runs good and looks good on the small curves and switches, but when want to model more newer and larger equipment, it does not work as one would wish.

    But you will find a way to deal with it, ok once the thumb is completely working again. :-)


    There are lots of good working broad turnouts available, the biggest problem is cost. The turnouts I have were part of a bunch of used stuff from a guy in Kensington. They were part of a basic LGB set he had. The good stuff will come eventually. This is a start for now.


  3. Nice work Scott – yes i would imagine that G scale track and turnouts are $$$. Looking forward to having a peek when I’m over in Aug. Till then.


    Hopefully the weather will be nice and you’ll be able to see it in operation! Thanks for the comment!


  4. Dara Legere says:

    Looking good, that dirty track is more prototypical. I miss that S4.
    P.S I have the manual for the loco I will keep it until Truro unless you need it sooner.

    I wondered how I was going to clean the tops of all that dirty track. I started using a piece of fine sandpaper by hand and realized it would take a long time to clean it. Then I thought I’d try my 1/4 sheet palm sander with some fine paper. That worked really well! Then I found an LGB cleaning pad in the other box of used stuff and tried it. It worked just as good – amazing!

    I don’t think the manual would really apply to the loco anymore since most of the guts are gone and there’s a new DCC sound decoder installed. It’s not Alco sound but it is noise. The manual might come in handy if it has a parts reference.. I can wait ’til the Truro show.

    Do you know where I can get some good used turnouts?


  5. Derwin Cole says:

    Hey when is the next update?
    Maybe you can tell us about your snow removal equipment.


    Ha! Ha! Funny guy! Hey everyone, my new G-scale snow removal equipment is called a “Derwin”. It doesn’t plow or blow the snow away. It melts it with a never ending supply of hot air!


  6. Doug Whitman says:

    It never snows in MTR land, floods maybe.


    Ha! I wish! I’ll post a photo of the MTR in February and you can judge for yourself. It’ll require a lot of Derwin’s work to keep the rails clear!


  7. Steve Mc says:

    This is what happens when people start experimenting with scales other than the correct scale (HO). First they leave the basement, then they stop posting to their blog.

    Actually I am curious about how the garden railway has progressed–got those snow sheds built yet? Or maybe you have been too busy working no the real (HO) layout.

    Steve Mc

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