Inspirations – Dirt Roads, Bushes, and Grass


This week’s Inspiration comes from Harol Minkwitz’s the Pacific Coast Air Line Railway web site. Harold’s site is full of scenery tips that I have “stolen” ideas from. The mountain section at the entrance to the Wholinthall Tunnel uses a technique for grass that I got from this site.

Harold includes step by step procedures with lots of photos to illustrate his methods. It is very easy to follow along and do what he does. Well, almost. There is still an art to some of these things, but practice does make perfect (or close to it).

His layout is O scale, but a lot of his techniques can be adapted to other scales.

So, visit the Pacific Coast Air Line Railway for some inspiration and prepare to be amazed!


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  1. willayerst says:

    I reckon that the most important aspect of that site is not just the modelling acumen, but how he’s adapted the plan, operations and stock to three or four different scales over the years!

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