E-Passes # 2

So far I’m 4 for 2.  Out of 4 old e-passes I found 2 with active web sites.

50_jay.gifHere’s one I received from Roger P. Hensley of the East Central Indiana HO scale RR.  Roger has a very comprehensive web site with lots of progress shots and descriptions.  The layout is fictional but Roger has built quite a history for the railroad over the years.

The pass that I sent to Roger is his number 50, my number 17, on this page.



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  1. willayerst says:

    The color scheme reminds me of ‘The Brown Streak’ from the game GTA:San Andreas , Its slogan is “Go for the Brown”, which gets a grin out of me. Regardless, it’s a lovely website. Just what IS it with model railroads with ‘Indiana’ in the name?

    I’m not familiar with that game. To tell the truth I’m not a big gamer. My son would know what you’re talking about though.

    I have not noticed a general abundance of model railroads with “Indiana” in the name. :-)


  2. willayerst says:

    Just that the ECI and the CIOR are both Indiana monickered freelance railroads and are both pretty excellent!

    Do you have any more operations diaries? They’d be really interesting to read!

    True, they both are quite nice.

    We’re operating the BS&T this Sunday evening so I’ll have a report next week. I’m glad you enjoy them. I’m a big fan of Joe Fugate’s ops reports. I don’t do half the job on them as he does. But, it’s fun all the same. Derwin usually ends up getting the worst of things – poor guy. (oops, did I type that??!!)


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