Decoder Identification – part deux

Well from the responses I’ve had it could be either an NCE N103 or a Lenz LE103. I have not been able to find many images of the decoders, but from the descriptions I’ve found they don’t sound like the one I have. I believe that both have a rear light function (yellow wire) which mine does not.

Now, Don Parnell pondered that perhaps the yellow wire got broken off at some point before the installation so the installer just connected the rear light to the green function wire. I’ll look a little more closely at the decoder later to see if there’s a conspicuous solder tab missing a wire.

One thing that seems odd is that DecoderPro identifies it as an NCE decode, yet I was told it was a Lenz decoder when I bought it, and a Lenz decoder was one of the suggestions. Could DecoderPro make such a big mistake with the decoder family?

Thanks for the help to this point folks!


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  1. Doug Whitman says:


    It may have been a decoder for F unit or old GP7/9 which did not have a rear light.

    It is too small for a LE103, they were almost two inches long.

    Some of the older decoders may not have todays manufactor’s code installed, so Decoder Pro may not see the correct hand shake.


  2. Sorry Scott;

    Wouldnt have a clue – cant think of any other way to check other than it being identified as an NCE when you read the manufactuers value. Good luck in solving the mistory….


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