Decoder identification help, please

Does anyone know what decoder this is? DecoderPro identifies it only as an NCE decoder, but nothing more than that. I can’t find one on the NCE site that quite looks like it.


It is about 1″ inch long by about 3/8″ wide.  It only has one headlight function, white wire, and two other functions (green and purple wires), but no yellow for rear light.  I want to see if I can reconfigure the green function to work like a rear light for directional lighting.

I’ll likely just end up replacing the decoder to get proper light functions.

I appreciate the help.


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  1. doug says:


    It maybe one of Tony’s, they are produced by NCE. Also it could be a discontinued version.


    I’m sure it’s been discontinued. It’s one I bought used a few years ago and the decoder had been installed a few years before that. Usually Tony’s decoders look like their NCE cousins.


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