I thought I’d share with you some web sites that have proven inspirational to me. There have been several over the years that I have been involved in model railroading. Here are two of many. I’ll post others later.

The first is TrevinoCircle - The Home of the Wiscassest, Trevino & Western (click on the “Placement of Stuff” link in the sidebar). James is obviously a fan of George Sellios’ Franklin and South Manchester (so am I). John Allen is probably another one of his influences.

The thing I like about James’ site the most is that he doesn’t just show photos of his scenery and detail. His are almost step by step (before, during, and after) photos of the scene as it develops. The unfortunate part is that he doesn’t go into great detail with descriptive text about how he does some things. Still, his tenements (scroll down on this page or view the Tenement Back Lots) provided the inspiration for my own tenement. I continue to refer to James site off and on for ideas.

The second is Twofoot Bill’s site. He has some amazing pictures and some great how-to’s for doing scenery. These are the two pictures from his site that I’ve used as wallpaper for both my monitors for several years. They are views of the same scene from opposite directions. Now that the BS&T is getting some scenery (and my photo skills are improving) my wallpaper may change.

Yes, it’s O scale but you can apply a lot of his techniques in smaller scales to get very good results. I use Selkirk Scenery leaves for my deciduous trees and have had great comments about them.

Have fun! Perhaps you could share some of your sources of inspiration in the comments section.


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  1. willayerst says:

    I’ve got more influences than I could type and not be here all day, but the two that are foremost in my mind, online at least, are the Yosemite Valley Railroad:

    And the CIOR:

    And the videos from mtrails on youtube:

    Thanks for those links Will. I will check them out for more sources of inspiration!

    Right now I have to rush off to install a Loksound decoder in the Proto Steamer!


  2. Wayne says:

    Hey Scott;

    Yes – there are literally thousands of sites where one can get inspired and it has been on more than one occasion where it has been enough to ‘get me going again” after slowing down. The caveat is that one can also spend to much time looking for more. Sure think the ePAss idea from your last blog entry is really neat – something that I would be intrested in setting up for my railroad. Cheers.


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