More Work in Derwin’s Drop

Well, last evening I did a little more work in Derwin’s Drop. I mentioned in my last update that I was going to move the ground throws closer to the fascia, and therefore the operator.


I installed longer push rods for the ground throws and routed then between the ties in neighbouring tracks. This required cutting the joiner sections between the ties so the push rod would move freely. Fortunately I was able to get a straight path under the adjoining rails.


Yes, I have a mixture of turnouts on my layout. I know some people will only use one brand or the other, but I’m cheap, err… frugal. I take whatever I can get for the least amount of money. In this case the turnouts were free.

Anyway, now even Derwin can operate at Derwin’s Drop, unless there’s a derailment at the back. But that’ll never happen! Not on the BS&T! No way! HA!


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  1. Doug Whitman says:


    Did you look at installing a system for throwing the turnouts on the fascia instead of on the earth?


    I’ve seen some, but I want to keep the fascia clean and free from anything that might get snagged or broken by someone walking by. Also, because the ground throws are close to the turnouts being operated it is easyto identify which one operates each turnout.


  2. Ron Pare says:

    Great looking site i bookmarded it
    i posted a link in todays news post on my site. I hope you don’t mind

    Thanks for visiting Ron! I’m glad you like the BS&T Blog and I hope you visit regularly.

    I certainly do not mind the link, although I went to look for it and couldn’t find it. Your site is certainly one that I will visit and add to my RSS Reader.

    Thanks again!


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