Operating Session #84

Well, give or take a few.  The program I use counts the number of sessions printed and last evening was the 84th set.  There have been a few dud orders due to a messed up database so it’s probably somewhere between 75 and 84.  Still, it’s a pretty big number for a layout that’s been operating for only 4 years.  Yes, next weekend marks the 4th anniversary of the Bayside and Tidewater Railway!  We’ll be operating at Derwin’s so the residents of the towns served by the BS&T will have to celebrate without us.  HA!

So, last evening’s session started with some harsh words from Management.  Management’s wife had to leave for work by 10:30 so the crews couldn’t waste time socializing.  Management was pleased that it can still put fear into the hearts of its employees since they were done in record time – shortly after 10:00.  Good job guys!  You’ve earned your bonus of extra cake or cookies at the next session!

We were all pleased to see Tom was able to make it last evening.  For the first weekend in a few months he wasn’t driving a bus somewhere.  Because of Tom’s appearance we were able to fill the position of Local Switcher in Kenville & Derwin’s Drop which helped to make the session run smoother.

Derwin has been getting a lot of practice running the Interchange and Transfer jobs and last evening was no different.  He’s just pulled into Tidewater with the Transfer in the photo on the right.  Now he’s getting ready to sort out which cars are to be put on the CN Interchange and which are to remain in Tidewater.  Then he has to sort cars to build the return Transfer to Bayside.  Fortunately he will have the yard to himself for a little while so he can get it all worked out.

Ken ran the Chappellton Local, as usual.  He’s becoming very familiar with that job as well.  During a typical session he moves close to 50 freight cars to and from industries in the town.  The second East Bound Wayfreight (Barry) is in town to pick up and drop off some cars to provide Ken with more work.  Barry’s spotted the passenger combine at the station platform while he switches cars with Ken’s assistance.  When he’s done here Barry will take the Wayfreight to Kenville where Chris is waiting with the Kenville switch job.

Chris took one of the easiest jobs on the layout working as the Local Switcher in both Kenville and Derwin’s Drop.  The job does requires a lot of running between the town, but there aren’t usually a lot of car movements to and from each town.  I was not able to get a photo of what he did during his off time, but suffice to say he discovered my stack of Model Railroaders.  Anyway, the Wayfreight has pulled right into town to spot the combine at the station while Chris pulls off Kenville cars and adds the east bounds.  Then Barry will have to back onto the main and head up the hill to Derwin’s Drop.

He’s made it to Derwin’s Drop.  While he’s waiting for Chris to arrive to run the local switcher he checks the line ahead to see what’s up.  Normally he would meet the West bound Wayfreight here but it’s nowhere in sight.  He’s a little concerned that he might meet it before Stevenville.  A quick call to the Dispatcher tells him the West Bound is a little behind and will wait for him in Stevenville.

A rare meet in Stevenville as the West Bound wayfreight waits while the East Bound passes on the main.  Ewen is looking a little disgusted since he knows he’s usually in Derwin’s Drop by now.  A little fetch up with the Bayside Yard crew has caused him to be behind. He was the Bayside Yard Crew, of course.  Once the East Bound is clear the West bound can continue on to Derwin’s Drop, finally.  Then Tom (running the Steveville Local Job) can pull the combine off the East Bound to spot it at the station platform.  Then Tom and Barry can get on with the job of swapping freight cars.

In the meantime, Derwin is struggling over The Ridge with the Transfer returning to Bayside.  It’s a long one tonight so we had to get the Kenville Switcher to run as a helper.  Derwin met Ewen and the West Wayfreight in Derwin’s Drop.  That meant there was nothing in Ewen’s way for the rest of his run to Kenville, Chappellton, and Tidewater.  Or was there?  Hmmm… I think Management had a little surprise for the BS&T crews…

A rare sight on the BS&T indeed!  A special passenger run made an appearance.  Here it is snaking it’s way back to Wholinthall after making a run from there to Tidewater.  Management decided it was time this train made the run to pick up the passengers that have been stranded for months in Tidewater!  (Operations were actually going quite smoothly so I thought I’d stir things up a bit.  I didn’t even care that I was running a C-Liner – almost an F unit!)

Apparently someone had a surprise for me.  I like being THE photographer not completely because I like taking photos.  I like being THE photographer because it is then impossible for me to be IN any of the photos.  I heard a familiar click as I was rerailing the passenger train in Wholinthall.  The person responsible for this act of, dare I say TREASON! has been brought onto the carpet and dealt with.  I know it should have been in a less public setting, but it was a heat of the moment thing.  TOMfoolery such as this will not be tolerated.  Fortunately the photographer was not very talented.  On another note, stay tuned for a new business on the BS&T – Tommie’s Drive Through Sewer Sucking Service will added in the near future.

With his work done in Kenville and Derwin’s Drop, Chris was assigned the task of the return Milk run.  He’s backing into the milk platform in Kenville as Derwin brings the US Interchange into Wholinthall (upper track).  Things are beginning to wind down as most jobs are almost finished.

As you can tell we had a lot of laughs as usual.  We also had plenty of socializing time even though we were under a bit of a tight schedule.  It shows the advantage of having one or two more crew members.

Here is the full gallery of photos from the evening – some did not make it into the post.



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  1. Derwin says:

    Well imagine that Tommy fella taking your picture without your permission.
    I think it is time for you to start building Tommy Drivethru.
    I think I saw the prefect building near Wholinthall Junction last evening.


    Yes, imagine that. The nerve!

    Hmmm… which building would that be?


  2. Doug says:


    Those pictures must have been taken before the treat break since I do not see any smiles.

    Thanks for the report.

    See you in Moncton


    Actually they were all taken after the break. But they were under great pressure to get finished on time so they were very serious about their work, much like your guys. HA!


  3. Great report Scott. Nice pics – layouts looking good. We’re still waiting for treats on the WRS – one has to ensure they have eaten before those OP sessions begin – wouldnt want to get dizzy from low blood sugar and wreak a train or something…


    Hmmm…. dizzy from low blood sugar or shaky from too much. Which is worse?

    It’s just nice to take a break, sit in a comfortable chair, and have a chat for a few minutes.


  4. Ed says:

    Looks like a great time, I can’t wait to get back.



    Just a few short months, Ed!

    See you soon!


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