Playing With The Camera

My flash arrived the other day.  Surprise, it has a remote mode, and so does the camera!  The flash can be anywhere within a certain distance of the camera and it will trigger with the camera’s built-in flash.  So I had some time this afternoon to play with it in the train room.

For this first experiment I rested it, flash pointing down on a ledge behind the valance.  The results were interesting so I took a few shots around the layout just to see what the effect would be.  I was able to create some fairly realistic mid-day brightness and shadows.  standardelectric-2-20081109

The first test was in Derwin’s Drop at Standard Electric. The remote flash is almost directly overhead.  The angle brings out some details you can’t see in the other pictures of this building, like the two signs bulging out (ugh!).  I’ll have to get those attached more securely.

I’d say it’s about noon as Fred and Bill are winding up their conversation.  Small town gossip has a way of getting around, especially when Albert, the mail man, overhears something good.  I’ll bet he can’t wait to get to Bessie’s place to fill her in on what he’s heard!

freightshed-1-20081109The next stop on my photo experiment was the freight shed.  Again the flash is almost directly overhead.  Notice how close the shadows are to vertical.  It’s a very bright day!

Chet is just returning from lunch as Tom and George are enjoying the rest of their break.  They’ve emptied 5 box cars so far and they have a mess of creates to put away.  The afternoon’s going to be tough, but thankfully there are no more arrivals expected.  You never know though, the West Bound is due through at any time and you never know what Derwin’s going to drop off for them (neither does Derwin, usually)!

cabin-1-20081109The last photo in Derwin’s Drop is at the cabin.  I like how the flash highlights the leaves on the trees.  I had the flash pointed straight down on the scene judging from the shadows.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but Bentnose Willy always wears a hoody with the hood up to cover his face.  He has to protect innocent bystanders from seeing his face.  It is not a pretty sight.  It’s not his fault, of course.  He’s lived so close to Chemical Hazards for so long God only knows what he’s ingested to cause his deformities.

backlot-1-20081109The back lots of Stevenville was the subject of the next couple pictures.  This photo reminded me that I have to finish weathering some of my buildings.  Either that or I have to put up a cleaning crew scrubbing the bricks.  The trees in this picture cast some interesting shadows.

Edwin arrives home for lunch.  He lives in the upstairs apartment of this old building.  The basement used to be the warehouse for a long abandoned business.  Now its loading door is bricked up and it’s just used to store junk.

fromtheplatform-20081109This photo was taken looking across the Stevenville Station platform.  Because the flash was overhead it lit up the scene across the tracks but left the platform in shadows.

Big John yells over to Jake to come help unload his new bathtub.  Even though it’s hot Jake doesn’t mind helping.  John’s tub has been broken for almost a month and Jake can’t stand working beside him any longer!

parkinglot-20081109The last test was taken at the parking lot beside the department store.  The whole area is quite evenly lit but I see I have to clean up some loose grass.

Even though it’s a hot day the boys can’t resist a smoke and a bit of conversation.  I’m sure there’s more than one lie being told!

Well, that’s it for my photo experiments.  I hope you enjoyed the post!



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  1. Ed C says:

    Nice pictures Scott, the trees look great. What kind of camera are you using?

    Thanks! It’s an Olympus E520 with FL36R flash.


  2. Don says:

    Okay it seems you have been very busy inc I last visited. Evrything I have seen looks great. Using the Module building is a great idea. Good luck with the future changes.
    Ray and I had a great time in Saint John. great hospitality at both Dougs’s and Steve’s as usual.
    Hope things are coming together for the convention even with gas prices.


    Glad to hear you had a great time in Saint John! Those two are always great hosts. I can’t wait ’till we make our annual trek there for a day of operating.

    If gas prices stay low the Convention should be a success! I doubt they will stay low for that long.

    Later bud!


  3. Allan says:

    Whew! Finally done, all catched caught up me. Great photos Scott. Like the changes and touches you are making and can’t wait until we get over again for some operating. You and the crew should be over this way soon, eh?


    Yes, we were originally planning for tomorrow, but with John’s mother passing away we decided to push it off ’til next Saturday (22nd). See you then?


    ps – your grammar is terrible – I had to fix it. ;-)

  4. Allan says:

    Grammar??? What You now an English teacher too? Me was all catched up.


    Whatever you say Gommer!


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