The “Incident”

Now, getting to what I alluded to previously.  The guys in Moncton will be pleased to hear that Derwin earned some well-deserved demerits during Sunday’s operating session.  It seems he didn’t inspect his train before he left Tidewater heading back to Wholinthall with the CN Interchange.  A coupler let go on The Ridge and the rear section of his train rolled uncontrolled down grade.  The caboose and the next car derailed at the crossover causing little damage to the contents of the box car, but almost wrote off the caboose.

The cupola is laying on the ground, the handrail between the cars is at an odd angle, and the ladder is missing.  A search crew found it the next morning just after sunrise.  They had to use a helicopter to do an aerial survey of the area.  They couldn’t believe how far the ladder flew from the scene!

It’s also amazing that no one was injured!  Conductor Ima Lukyduk was heating up some soup and pouring coffee at the time.  “I was trown onta da cot dere an a bunch a pillows landed on top o me.  They kept me from gittin covered wit the soup and coffee I was heetin’ up!  I’m glad I sleep a lot an have a good mattress (from U & M Mattresses by the way) and lots a pillows on hand!”

The caboose is now at Fixum Car Repair in Chappellton where it will hopefully be repaired before the next operating session. They already used the crane to put the cupola back on the roof.  I really hope they straighten it up!

How many demerits do you think that’s worth!?


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  1. Tom says:

    Very well written Scott. I would love to hear Derwin side of the story before i say anything. Don’t think the union will be helping him. LOL

    Derwin’s story would be all lies anyway. He always tries to blame things on everyone else when we know that whatever happens it’s always his fault. No, the Union can’t help him on this one. His salary will be docked accordingly.


  2. Allan says:

    Welllllllll…The way I see it the coupler failed on an incline causing the tail end of the train to roll back down the incline. This in my opinion is not the fault of the driver as the yard inspection crew are suppose to look for such problems and not the engineer!!! Had they of seen it they would have sent it to the shops to be repaired before the incident. Now rumour is that the journalist of this story is also a major share holder in the BS&T therefore leaving out some of the finer details. Talking with the Yard crew they are fed up with their working conditions as they are working 12 hour days and only getting paid for 9. The “Company has told them they would square up at a latter date but that has been years. They also said that They feel the owner is trying to blame the engineer as to take the spotlight off of what is going on with the yard employees. They are filling their complaints on Monday at Union Headquarters.

    The BS Times

    Granted, it is the fault of the yard crew. They should have inspected the train before it left Tidewater. Lets see who was the yard crew that put that train together? Ahhh.. yes, it was Derwin! Now you’ll say that not only am I making my crews work long hours but I’m compounding the problem by making them work multiple jobs! You could be right.


    PS – I think you forgot the “&T” – It should be BS&T Times. HA!

  3. Allan says:

    Nope!!!!! just BS ;-)

    Well! Some people just have no faith in The Press!


  4. Hey Scott;

    Glad to see there “intresting” events happening on other op sessions as of late. That really would have been priceless to see – must have been really moving by the time it became airborne….


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