The Mine

2009-04-02-mine-2I have been finding some time to work on the layout the past few weeks.  The time to get it ready for the open house during Convention is fast approaching and I’m not sure if I’ll reach my goal of complete basic scenery before then or not.  I’m going to try.

Here’s a photo of the coal mine that I’ve pretty much got done.  There are a few details that could be added, but perhaps not before the Convention.

There should be something hanging from the I-beam being hoisted to the main door of the building on the right and some more vehicles parked around the scene.  Some more hustle and bustle would bring it alive, I’m sure.

2009-04-02-mine-1The photo at the right is a closer view of the scene.  There is coal in the conveyer and the boys have to keep an eye on things to make sure the line doesn’t get plugged up.



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  1. Hey Scott –
    WOW – its looking really good. Obviously lots of hard work!. I will certainly planning on paying a visit during the convention open houses. On another note -Doug, Dave M, and I are setting up in Shearwater for the Hobby show this afternoon. I’ll be sure and snap a few pics and add a little write up for the UMG site. Cheers.


    Thanks! I think it turned out quite well. Now to get to some of the other areas. Pretty much the whole side from Kenville to Chappellton needs to be worked on. I’m hopeful that I’ll have the basics done by May 24.

    I hope you have a great show!


  2. Ed says:

    This gets me inspired to get moving on my layout. Looking great so far Scott.


    Yes, get to work! Don’t let all the structure building go to waste. You need a layout – even a small switching layout – to put them all to good use.



  3. Braden says:

    Looks Great! Good luck with everything.

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