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I’ve always envied modelers that have an endless supply of kits and supplies.  They always have something to work on.  Unfortunately some of them are just collectors of kits and never build anything.  Still, I’m in awe when I see stacks of unbuilt kits and drawers full of detail bits in someone’s work area.

I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I do have a drawer or two in an old dresser that have several unbuilt items.   I’ve been looking through those drawers quite often lately in my exercise to have the layout “done” for the MFMR Convention in May.  I need structures! Chappellton hardly looks like a town and it’s supposed to be a city.  I need buildings – short and tall, fat and wide.  Brown buildings, red buildings, purple buildings – I don’t care!

Oh, and I need trees too.  Lots and lots of trees.  I doubt if I’ll get time to make any before Convention so I’ll have to make do.

post1So, what’s my next build?  Why, a tug boat of course!

I heard a while ago that Frenchman River Model Works had released a 92′ Railway Tug.  When I was asked to review it for Scratchbuilder’s Guild I nearly flipped.  The little 45′ Tug I reviewed for them last year just wasn’t cutting it in Chappellton.  The poor little thing was severely overworked!  So I jumped at the chance to build the “big brother”.

It arrived today and I hope to get started this evening.  I’ll make a post here when the review is complete and available at Scratchbuilder’s Guild.  After taking this photo I realize I have some barge building to do as well.

I haven’t opened the box yet.  I’ll leave that for this evening.


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  1. Ed says:

    Very nice, I looking forward to the progress on that kit. I must confess I am one of those guys with plenty of kits but no time to build them. I have three on the go right now as I try and put a dent in the collection.



    Thanks Ed! I opened the kit this evening and was very impressed with what I saw. All the large pieces were individually wrappd in bubble wrap and the whole shebang was wrapped in foam padding. Needless to say there was nothing damaged in the packaging. HA!

    I suspected you were “one of those guys”! :-)


  2. Ron Pare says:

    Scott looks like a great kit.

    I must confess, after your first review some of the guys at the club had this one on their list of what “Ron will get next”.

    BTW if any of those “models in a box” need building I will do it (-=…

    I was really impressed with the way it was packaged. Everything bigger than 1″ was wrapped in bubble wrap and then a foam sheet all around that. Not surprisingly there was no damage! HA!

    I’m about 1/2 done of it. There is not much construction, mostly painting, but I am have difficulty deciding colours. I found some photos of some CP harbour tugs but they are all B&W photos so I still have to guess what I should use. Hopefully by next week I’ll have something to post.


  3. Ed says:

    Well???? Any progress? I am looking forward to this project.


    Blah blah blah! Do you think all I do is work on the layout and make blog posts! Holy crap man there’s ton’s of other important stuff that I have on my plate right now. Oh just a sec – Corner Gas is on….

    Bonus! Red Green was on right after!

    Now where was I. Oh yes! I have tons of stuff that I have to do for work, around the house, and to get ready for this $#%##$ Convention that has been taking 110% of my time. And you know with a job that takes 150% and there’s so much to do around the house (add another 125%) there really is not much time left for modeling (about -85%). BTW – did you know that Flashpoint – another great Canadian show! – is on right now! Be back in a minute!….

    Wow now that was a great episode!

    Ok lessee – modeling! O yes. Ok, so I’m about 3/4 done of the tug. Most of the work is painting. I should have been done by now but I had a cold last week (fortunately not swine flu) and haven’t gotten back into a groove yet. I should have photos soon.

    Later Ed!


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